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Microsoft Teams is reinventing itself: the 4 most important new features< /p> © Microsoft

Although the health crisis is far behind us, videoconferencing tools remain essential tools for businesses. Furthermore, Microsoft, for its part, continues to invest in its Microsoft Teams solution. For a while, the Redmond firm has been working on a brand new version of Teams, which aims to modernize it.

And this week, Microsoft announces the deployment of this new version of Teams. It should be noted that this is not a simple addition of features, or an improvement in design, but a complete overhaul of the videoconferencing service. With this new version, based on another technology, Microsoft hopes to offer a smoother experience, improve performance, while making the app lighter.

1 – New technology on Windows

The Microsoft Teams redesign allows Microsoft to switch from Electron technology to Edge WebView2 on Windows. These two tools allow you to create applications for computers that take advantage of web technologies, but also native functionalities of the operating system. However, according to Microsoft, through the use of Edge WebView2 on the new Microsoft Teams, the company was able to reduce memory and storage space usage.

2 &# 8211; Optimized for Mac

“We're also seeing significant performance improvements on Mac, including the ability to switch between chats and channels more quickly, and access relevant information quickly and efficiently with a faster scrolling experience”, explains Microsoft.

On macOS, the new Microsoft Teams works natively and therefore makes optimal use of the device's resources. As a result, we observe improvements in performance. Microsoft particularly mentions an improvement observed when the user participates in a videoconference using several high-resolution screens.

3 – Performance

Microsoft also discusses the concrete results of these technical improvements on Teams, measured by the benchmarking company GigaOm. Compared to the old Microsoft Teams, the new version launches twice as fast, allows you to join a meeting twice as quickly, allows you to switch from one chat or channel to another twice as quickly, everything using 50% less memory and 70% less storage.

Obviously, for people who frequently use Microsoft Teams, these changes will make communicating on the app more enjoyable. In addition, Microsoft has mentioned usability improvements that will save time.

4 – An app for the AI ​​era

In addition to improving the performance of Teams, this new version also allows the videoconferencing service to better benefit from recent developments in artificial intelligence. Microsoft is integrating its “Copilot” assistant into Teams to boost user productivity.

Microsoft Teams is reinventing itself: the 4 most important new features

© Microsoft

This assistant, based on generative artificial intelligence, can for example generate the summary of a discussion, create frequently asked questions from a document, or even compose an email from the notes of a meeting.

Microsoft has already started the deployment of this new version of Teams on Windows and Mac. The update is done automatically and once it arrives, the user only has to activate a button on the application.

Microsoft Teams is reinventing itself: the 4 most important new features

© Microsoft

  • Microsoft has just launched the new version of its Teams videoconferencing tool
  • This is an overhaul that aims to improve performance on both Windows and Mac
  • Faster, the new Teams is also more adapted to new features based on generative artificial intelligence

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