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Gemini: Google's new mobile assistant is finally available in France

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Google has been offering its competitor ChatGPT for a while. First named Bard, it was later renamed Gemini. At first, Gemini was only available on the web. But then, Google launched an official application on Android, which allows you to use its AI on a native interface on Android. And now, this application is available in France.

When it was launched, this Gemini application was not available in France or the EU, probably due to the rules governing digital technology. But that changes today, as Google has just announced the availability of the Gemini “ app in Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland and other countries. ;#8217;other countries.”

Android users will now be able to download Gemini from the Play Store. And for iOS users, Gemini is integrated into the Google app for iPhone. Note, however, that on Android smartphones, it was already possible to install Gemini on a smartphone in France, by going to an alternative store to download the APK file (unofficially).

Gemini: an increasingly practical application

In addition to offering a chatbot similar to ChatGPT, Gemini can also be extremely useful for users in the Google ecosystem. Indeed, Gemini already has a number of extensions that allow the AI ​​to connect to other Google products and services. For example, using the Workspace extension, it is possible to ask Gemini to summarize the latest emails, search for the latest invoices, or find specific documents in Google Drive, all using natural language prompts. .

Gemini also has extensions for YouTube, Google Maps, Google Flights and Google Hotels. But the most interesting thing is that the list of extensions could well grow thanks to the arrival of third-party applications. Indeed, it is currently rumored that a Spotify extension could soon arrive for Gemini. For the moment, no official announcement has been made. But according to the Android Authority site, the Google application for Android hides code suggesting that this extension is under development. This extension could allow Gemini users to use AI to control music playback, or find songs.

    < li>Google finally launches its Gemini application in France
  • This allows you to use ChatGPT's competitor on a native interface on mobile
  • It also has the advantage of benefiting from an extension system which allows Gemini to connect to other Google services (including Gmail)

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