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Meta: our personal data soon to be used illegally to train AI ?

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This is an embarrassing affair for Meta. This Thursday, June 6, the Austrian privacy organization None of your business, These are not your business (NOYB), announced that it had filed a complaint against Meta with the data protection authorities in France, and in ten other European countries.

A policy change criticized

The association believes that Meta will use the personal data of its users to train its AI models without asking their consent contrary to what the GDPR stipulates. These recent changes in the services' privacy policy are expected to come into effect on June 26, and NOYB is therefore asking these authorities to respond to its request urgently.

In a press release published for the occasion, the founder of the NGO, Max Schrems underlines: “They are essentially saying that they can use any data from any source for any purpose and make them available to anyone in the world”. According to him, we don't know what this will be used for and it could be “a simple conversational robot, aggressive personalized advertisements or even a killer drone”.

Meta defends himself

Challenged, Meta wanted to react and referred to a blog post published on May 22 where he asserted that 'use only online and licensed information accessible to the public to train its AI.

But the Reuters agency recalls that a message was sent to Facebook users . It indicates that Meta will process “data about people who do not use its products and services and do not have accounts if they appear in an image or are mentioned in posts or captions shared by a user” .

This, however, is not likely to contravene the law, according to Mark Zuckerberg's firm.

Quoted by our colleagues, a spokesperson for the Tech giant underlines:

We We are confident that our approach complies with privacy laws and is consistent with how other technology companies are developing and improving their AI experiments in Europe (notably Google and Open AI).

It remains to be seen whether these arguments will be enough to convince the personal data protection authorities, and in particular the CNIL in France.

  • A privacy protection organization attacks Meta in 11 European countries, including France
  • It accuses the Tech giant of violating the GDPR
  • These accusations are contested by the American firm

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