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Getting paid to simply watch videos is now possible and accessible to everyone

You read correctly: this app allows à its users to earn money easily. Just watch videos!

TikTok, you know ? The short and viral video application has been a real hit since its launch in France and elsewhere. internationally. However, its principle is very simple: users film what they want and post their videos on the application, where they are posted. other users can respond by commenting or liking. A concept which is reminiscent of the old Vine application or even Instagram.

However, TikTok has been under fire from a lot of criticism since its appearance. Many people deplore the side of this. very "consumer" of the application which allows you to watch a multitude of short videos for hours. This would particularly have an impact on daily life, nights and the capacity to stay at home. concentration of users and in particular the youngest audience of the application.

Some would then be tempted to qualify TikTok as an application that wastes time and in particular brain time available to them. its users. But what if it were now possible to turn all those hours of watching videos into money ? This is what the new app offers & quot;TikTok Lite". On its description page, the application invites its users   explore and support video creators.

How TikTok Lite works ? The app looks a lot like TikTok. its big sister, but in a more pure and light version in terms of data consumption (hence its name &quot ;lite"). The big difference is a rewards system based on your activity. on the application. The more you use TikTok Lite and are active on it, the more points you are likely to collect. Liking three different videos, for example, earns you 150 points, while accumulating 25 minutes of watching videos earns you up to 150 points. 4200 points. For example, 300 points on the TikTok Lite application represents 0.003 euro cents. You will therefore have to watch a lot of videos. eacute;os before you can get rich!

Users can then redeem their points for Amazon gift certificates worth up to $1,000. 500 euros. This system is, however, only available on Android mobile and for people over 18 who can prove their identity. (by means of an official document).

If this new application delights its users, it still represents a snub at the same time. the European Union. The latter has been agitating for several months against the influence of TikTok on the youngest and their screen time. Launch an app that encourages à watching videos for hours on end is certainly not going to please them.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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