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After Samsung, the AI ​​revolution arrives on Oppo and OnePlus

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Samsung set the tone at the start of the year by presenting the Galaxy S24 series which integrates many new features based on generative artificial intelligence. And to remain competitive, players in the premium segment must now offer similar features. For example, we expect that, during the WWDC conference in June, Apple will announce new AI-based features for iOS 18. As for the brands Oppo and OnePlus (which belong to the same group), these will rely on a partnership with Google in order to integrate the firm's Gemini models into their devices.

This partnership was announced by Google during the Cloud Next 2024 event. According to the Mountain View firm, Oppo is in the process of integrating Gemini into its smartphones, which will offer features such as article summaries, audio transcription, and “a toolbox” based on artificial intelligence. On the other hand, we do not have a precise calendar or a list of compatible models.

OnePlus and Oppo are also heavily into AI

In any case, the OnePlus and Oppo brands should, this year, launch a series of features based on generative artificial intelligence, similar to Samsung's Galaxy AI features. According to Android Authority, the two brands are also planning features that will help users generate posts for social networks.

In addition, according to this site, OnePlus and Oppo are even considering offering Gemini Ultra to users. As a reminder, Google's Gemini models are available in three variants. Gemini Nano is a lite version that can run locally on a smartphone, without an internet connection. Gemini Pro, which is offered free by Google, can be considered the standard version. And Gemini Ultra is the most advanced version, which Google offers via a paid subscription.

  • At the start of the year , Samsung hit hard by introducing the Galaxy S24 series and Galaxy AI, a series of features based on generative artificial intelligence
  • OnePlus and Oppo will follow suit, collaborating with Google to use the Gemini model to offer new features
  • For its part, Apple should take advantage of the WWDC conference , in June, to announce its new features based on AI

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