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Advertising in the Windows 11 Start menu ? Yes, it happens...


For several decades now, we have all known of Microsoft's tendency to want to impose its services, often through pop-ups and other rather crude (and recurring) messages. If for a few days it has now been possible to easily uninstall Edge like Bing, this does not prevent the American giant from carrying out some experiments. And what happens next is not going to please you…

Ads in the Windows 11 Start menu… Really?

Because yes, Microsoft continues to look for a way to place advertising within Windows, without tarnishing too much (if possible) the user experience. In all likelihood, Microsoft is currently testing a new form of promotional display, aimed at integrating advertisements into the Windows 11 Start menu.

https ://twitter.com/PhantomOfEarth/status/1777761399051096129?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

Indeed, the maneuver is not entirely new, but it consists of placing “sponsored”applications; in the Start menu, alongside applications freshly installed on the system. The principle is simple, one click on the promotional icon, and the user downloads the application in question.

The good news in the story is that this form of app suggestion should be deactivable. Enabled by default, this new option could be deactivated by the user, provided that they go to the OS settings. Remember that Windows 11 already comes with pinned applications, which are not actually installed on the system.

Advertising in the Windows 11 Start menu ? Yes, it happens...

The latest version of the Windows operating system © Microsoft

Still, this “novelty” is still in the experimental phase at Microsoft, and that it should arrive on our computers soon. For Microsoft, this would involve highlighting applications from various publishers, and potentially boosting their adoption, and thus attracting new developers.

Obviously, we will have to wait a little longer to find out if these “recommendations” will indeed arrive in Windows 11, and if it will be possible for the user to deactivate them as simply as in the past, under a certain Windows 10. So be patient.

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