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Here are 4 films to see at the cinema this weekend

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If the sunny days are back, that's not necessarily a reason not to paint a picture. Cinema fans will be delighted to learn that there are some good feature films to discover this weekend. For those who don't know which film to see, we're here.

Like every weekend, we carefully scrutinized the box office. So, we offer you 4 feature films that are worth the detour. On the menu this weekend, a funny and tender comedy, an animated film that pushes the song, a moving drama about the acceptance of oneself and others and a strong and committed first film. Disappointing according to press and spectator reviews, we chose to omit S.O.S. Ghosts: The Ice Menace from our selection.

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After the Golden Mustache collective, the series Bloqués, La Flamme and Le Flambeau as well as the podcast Floodcast, Florent Bernard unveils his first feature film: Nous, les Leroy. When Sandrine Leroy announces to her husband Christophe that she wants to file for divorce, he does not accept it. In a final attempt to retain her, Christophe organizes a trip to all the key places in the history of the Leroy family. And it’s going to be far from easy.

With the average rating of 3.8 by AlloCiné spectators and 3.3 by the press, Nous, les Leroy has convinced the public. Both hilarious and touching, this comedy hits the mark. José Garcia, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Lily Aubry and Hadrien Heaulmé make this somewhat shaky but remarkably endearing family shine.

We all know the biblical myth of Noah and his ark. When the Flood is about to destroy humanity, God commands Noah to build an ark to save his family and a pair of each animal species. Raiders of Noah's Arkreinvents the myth by highlighting Vini and Tito, two music hall artist mice who manage to sneak onto Noah's Ark. While tensions between all the animals on the Ark are at their peak, Vini and Tito have the solution: a song contest.

Raiders of Noah's Ark is a musical comedy perfect for young and old. Without much pretension, this animated feature film promises to provide a good time for the whole family.

In the heart of the Breton countryside in 1870, Rosalie has a secret: she suffers from hirsutism, that is to say that her body and face are abnormally covered with hair. Hiding her difference, Rosalie ends up marrying Abel, a café owner driven by debt, attracted by her dowry. When she wants to reveal her secret to him, in search of freedom and to help him run his business, will Abel be able to accept her?? Above all, will she survive the cruelty of others ?

Rosalie pushes spectators to question appearance, difference, tolerance and the way others see them. Based on a true story, this feature film is strikingly sensitive. Nadia Tereszkiewicz (Les Amandiers; Mon Crime) shines in the role of this different and daring woman. Benoit Magimel (Life is a long quiet river; The Pianist) is also praised for his performance. The press gives a rating of 3.2 while the spectators are more cheerful, with an average of 3.7 for Rosalie.

Released last week, Yurtis not to be missed. This Turkish drama goes beyond the norm: filmed largely in black and white, it immerses us in the daily life of Ahmet, a teenager sent to a religious boarding school in 1996 following his father's conversion. By day, he attends a secular and nationalist private school, in the evening, he finds his overcrowded dormitory, long hours of Koranic studies and bullying. He intends to defy the strict rules of this system.

Nehir Tuna's first feature film stood out at numerous festivals for its aesthetics, its direction, its messages and its acting…. Yurt is to be seen before leaving the dark rooms.

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