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Gmail, Google Docs, Drive: Google boosts all its services with AI, what a difference

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No question of being left behind by OpenAI. During Google I/O, a big developer event, Google announced the integration of its latest language model, Gemini 1.5 Pro, into the sidebar of its Workspace applications such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive and Gmail. This advancement marks a significant step in the way users will be able to interact with these productivity tools.

The new Unified Sidebar feature allows Gemini to become a virtual assistant directly integrated into all Workspace apps. The goal is to create a more fluid and interconnected user experience.

Aparna Pappu, general manager and vice president of Workspace, says users have often tried to hijack Gemini's capabilities to accomplish complex tasks involving multiple applications. Now Gemini can handle these tasks without requiring constant switching between applications.

To illustrate the power of Gemini 1.5 Pro, Aparna Pappu gave the example of searching for specific information contained in various documents and emails. For example, asking Gemini the gate opening time for a New York Knicks game will find that information directly in a ticket PDF stored in an email, rather than providing a generic response from the web.

Improve productivity

Based on the experiences of the first testers, the ;#8217;one of the popular uses of Gemini is the management of receipts (tickets or invoices). Instead of digging through scattered emails and files, users can simply ask Gemini to find and organize all their receipts. A command such as “Put my expenses in a Drive folder” can cause Gemini to automatically gather these documents into a Sheets table, making it easier financial management.

There is also emphasis on reducing common language model errors, such as hallucinations, by limiting Gemini's access to the user's personal data rather than the entire internet. This approach should not only improve the precision of the answers but also the relevance of the suggestions.

Limited deployment

At the moment, the new sidebar is available only for a few testers and will be rolled out to Gemini paying subscribers next month. Google plans to expand these capabilities to more users, promising an eventual end to the laborious search for specific documents in Google Drive. The question remains when the general public will have access to it.

  • Google announces the integration of its new Gemini 1.5 Pro AI into Workspace applications
  • Gemini will make life easier for users of Drive, Gmail, Docs, Sheets or Slide by compiling information and performing tasks on behalf of the user
  • These features are currently available to a few testers and then they will be released ;will extend to Gemini paid plan users

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