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You still dream of a touchscreen MacBook ? This statement from Apple will interest you

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While its competitors offer laptops with touch screens, Apple continues to resist. Indeed, for the Cupertino company, Macs are made to be used with a mouse and keyboard, while those who want a touch screen (and the optional stylus) must buy an iPad. And the bad news is that the Cupertino company is still sticking to this position.

As reported by our colleagues at 9to5Mac, Tom Boger, head of marketing for Macs and iPads, recently spoke on this subject in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. He explained that for Apple, Macs and iPads are complementary products. The iPad is a native touchscreen product, while Macs are designed for “indirect” manipulation with a keyboard and mouse. And people can work on a Mac and then continue that work on an iPad.

Nevertheless, when the Wall Street Journal asked Tom Boger if Apple will ever change its mind on the matter, this is what he said: “ Oh, I can't say we never change our minds”. Apple therefore always reserves touchscreen for the iPad. But one day, that might change.

A question that comes up regularly

Tom Boger gave this interview as Apple has just presented its new iPads, including the new iPad Pro. Equipped with an ultra-powerful M4 chip, these new iPads can be considered competitors to MacBooks, for some observers, who may also wonder why Apple does not directly launch Macs with touch screens.

In 2020, Apple had already had almost the same speech, about the distinction between iPads and Macs. At the time, the firm had just launched the MacOS Big Sur version, certain visual elements of which were inspired by iPhone and iPad interfaces. This had suggested that Apple is laying the groundwork for future touchscreen MacBooks. However, Craig Federighi, one of Apple's executives, put an end to these rumors in an interview with The Independent. He explained that Apple updated the design of macOS with ergonomics in mind.

  • Apple offers ultra-powerful iPad Pros, but refuses to release touchscreen MacBooks
  • For the firm, Macs are designed for indirect interactions with a mouse and keyboard
  • However, she also admits that she might change her mind later

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