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Microsoft Word: the new copy and paste finally fixes its most frustrating flaw


Microsoft's announcement is discreet – However, it will undoubtedly have a major impact on the way you work in Word. For years, copying and pasting text into Microsoft Word has most often caused a frustrating result: text formatting from the source is transferred to the document. So much so that this behavior, which is undoubtedly the least desirable for the majority of users, forces them to reselect the insert almost every time, and to manually give it the correct formatting so as not to denote in the presentation.

The problem, while relatively minor, remains an oddity that seems to have persisted for years. However, Ali Forelli, Product Manager of the Microsoft Word team, explains that the application now takes user feedback into account. Starting with build 17624.20000, the default behavior will be “Merge formatting”. A new setting to this effect appears in the Advanced panel of Word.

Copying and pasting text into Word no longer breaks formatting

It is of course entirely possible to choose the old behavior instead ( “Keep source formatting”) by reverting to the Paste from other programs setting. If you use the application via the Microsoft Office 365 suite, or the macOS version, unfortunately, the copy and paste remains as is for the moment. However, you can often avoid the problem by right-clicking and selecting merge formatting.

Even if this means that you generally have to forget about the Ctrl + V key combination (or Cmd + V on Mac) which is usually so convenient and quick. An option to fix the problem anywhere on your computer may be to use a copy and paste manager. In other words, a program that allows you to access a history of your copied content, to classify it… and to choose with a small combination of keys to be able to paste text removed from all formatting.

The new copy-paste is coming, as we told you, in Word ( Windows) version 2405 (Build 17624.20000) and later. An update of your application may be necessary, depending on your settings. The option to force Word to update is in the File > Count. From there you can view information such as Build in Product information, or continue in the Update options before clicking on Put up to date now.

Enough to take advantage of this highly anticipated addition as quickly as possible and simplify your work on Word today.

  • Microsoft Word has an extremely useful new feature around copy and paste.
  • The application now redacts any pasted formatting text.
  • Enough to merge the formatting each time, rather than breaking the presentation.

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