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You have sent a message by mistake and would like to correct it ? Luckily, there is a very easy option   use on Whatsapp.

It's an annoying and yet very common situation: during a conversation on your messaging application favorite, you notice a typo or worse, a poorly chosen or too aggressive word on one of your messages. The height of bad luck: your application does not allow you to modify a message that has already been posted. sent.

This same adventure is however no longer a problem if you use Whatsapp! The world's most famous messaging app regularly offers updates. day à its users, and one of them notably included a new functionality. particularly awaited: the modification of messages already sent. It is very easy to use, but has some restrictions to prevent some users from having fun. completely modify their messages.

There is a very simple technique to modify a WhatsApp message already sent

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First of all, you need to make sure you have a recent version of the application. To check this, go to the Google Play Store or the App Store, depending on whether you have an Android smartphone or an iPhone. Search for the "Whatsapp" and check if any updates are available. day are available.

Once you have made sure As long as your application has a recent version, it is possible to edit your messages on Whatsapp. Please note, however, that this manipulation cannot be corrected. Only be carried out within 15 minutes of sending the message you wish to modify. Past After this time, the edit option will disappear! It is also not possible to edit a message on a device other than the one that was edited. used to send it. You cannot therefore send a message via your Android smartphone and edit it on your computer with the Whatsapp web application.

Here's how to edit your WhatsApp message if you're using an Android phone:

  1. Hold down on the message you want to edit.
  2. Press the three little dots at the top à right of the discussion.
  3. Select the 'edit' option.
  4. Modify your message. It will now appear with the words "édité".

If you have an iPhone, here's how to do it: follow to edit a message on Whatsapp:

  1. Hold down on the message à éedit.
  2. Select the 'edit" which appears on the floating menu.
  3. Enter your new edited message.

Finally, know that it is also possible to edit your Whatsapp messages on a computer with the dié ;eacute;e. You only have to'' right-click on the message in question to edit it. Be careful, however, since the time limit of 15 minutes remains in effect even on a computer. ;nbsp;! Also note that it is impossible to view the original message once it has been deleted. modified.

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