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Gmail will launch the ultimate weapon against spam

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This is a problem that affects many Internet users. We distribute our email address to many online services. Over time, the risk of being bombarded with unwanted messages all day long is real with, in certain cases, a total loss of control of the e-mail box.

Better manage your subscriptions on Gmail

Gmail should however offer a new, extremely useful tool in this register according to the discovery of our colleagues at PiunikaWeb. By sifting through version 2024.04.07.622678535.Release of the application, they have indeed spotted a functionality “Manage subscriptions”.

In the visuals, we see its presence in the Gmail sidebar. Once launched, it allows you to analyze and classify your different subscriptions according to the contact person and their sending frequency: ten emails per quarter, between ten and twenty, and more than twenty. Enough to spot the biggest spammers and unsubscribe immediately.

Centralizing all subscriptions in one place should make things easier for us. It can indeed be very tedious to search for the different senders in a long list of unread emails.

For now, Gmail has not yet officially announced the launch of this tool, and you will therefore have to be patient. In any case, things seem to be well advanced. Some Reddit users have also spotted a 'Manage Subscriptions' pop-up window. However, it is not yet active, and the service does not load when you click on it.

Gmail will benefit from Gemini AI

Recently, Google's service has been working to simplify the daily lives of Internet users. We recently spoke to you about the future implementation of its Gemini AI on Gmail. In a visual shared on X (formerly Twitter), we can see this tool currently in the testing phase on the mobile application. AI suggests email replies to keep you busy. To find out more about this subject, we invite you to reread our previous dedicated article.

What do you think of this feature which will make it much easier to manage these subscriptions on Gmail? Tell us in the comments.

What you need to remember:

  • A new tool called “Manage Subscriptions& #8221; should appear on Gmail
  • As its name suggests, it will allow you to identify the most prolific senders and unsubscribe
  • The Google service will soon be equipped with welcome new features and in particular the contribution of Gemini AI

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