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It is very little known by tourists and less expensive than Ibiza - This city has one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe

This destination offers one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. However, it is much less frequented than its neighbors.

As summer approaches, and the rush of holiday bookings, find a hidden gem! and still ignored by the pack of tourists is like discovering a treasure. Yet imagine a beach ranked among the most beautiful in Europe by tourists according to the latest ranking from European Best Destinations. Add to this guaranteed sunshine and prices that are nevertheless quite accessible and attendance far away from the most popular meetings in the Mediterranean , Ibiza & Corsica, Greece and the French Riviera.

No need to spend hours on a plane, this destination is within easy reach. a few minutes from France, by plane or even by car. Located é Just over an hour from Alicante, this seaside resort is a perfect escape for those seeking charm, tranquility, and above all , one of the most beautiful beaches on the continent, without the crowds or exorbitant prices of Ibiza.

It is very little known by tourists and less expensive than Ibiza - This city has one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe

This still little-known destination in Spain, far from the major centers of the Costa Brava, is Jávea, also known as Xà bia in Valencian. Unlike à Compared to other crowded destinations on the Costa Blanca, Jávea offers a more authentic and relaxed experience, thanks in part to its unique location. a varied environment and &agrav; beautiful cultural discoveries throughout the world do.

The city is framed by the capes of La Nao and San Antonio, offering spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. Perhaps you will be able to imagine in the distance the capes of Ibiza just opposite, or at least observe the ferries and boats which go to the festive island of Bal' ;eacute;ares. But that's not all: the remains of the historic walls that once lined the coast to protect the town from pirates add historic charm and are an interesting visiting point. ;eacute;ressant.

As for the beaches, you just need to be a little curious to find some of the most beautiful locations in Spain and Europe. Jávea's most famous beach, Cala Granadella is a superb pebble cove. It is framed by wooded cliffs and offers crystal clear waters perfect for diving or just swimming a few fathoms.

The beach is accessed via a winding road that slopes down to the sea. Cala Granadella is also equipped for visitor comfort, with beach rental services. hammocks and diving equipment, and even a restaurant where you can swim. You can enjoy local dishes while enjoying the view. La Cala Portxixol is also a good choice. If you prefer fine sand, go to the Arenal family beach, although more frequent.

Want to walk ? Jávea is also known for its picturesque little port with its marketé fish and its tapas restaurant. Finally, if you are a fan of hiking, the Montgó offers great opportunities in the hinterland. This protected park is home to a variety of of hiking trails that lead to superb views with dizzying cliffs and hidden caves. Among the recommended routes, the Cova Tallada is particularly notable. This sea cave, accessible from the park or by sea, features spectacular rock formations and transparent waters, ideal for snorkeling… and for photos. It has been particularly popular with Instagrammers for several years.

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