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Google I/O 2024: the 3 most anticipated announcements (Android 15, AI, etc.)

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Every year, Google organizes an I/O conference to present its latest developments to the general public and developers. And the 2024 edition of this conference is scheduled for May 14. The event will include numerous workshops, but the most important new features will be announced during a keynote which will mark the launch of the event. And here are the 3 most anticipated new features.

1 – Android 15

Android 15 is already beta tested. But for the moment, most of the new features presented by Google concern application developers. And we therefore expect the firm to take advantage of the opening keynote of the I/O conference to say more about its next mobile operating system.

A few rumors are already circulating about the new Android 15 features that the company could make official during this keynote. For example, Google has developed a feature called Private Space which allows certain applications to be hidden behind a second profile. It is also rumored that Google is working on a new management of notification alerts on Android.

Otherwise, today, Android 15 can only be tested on a list of Google Pixel devices. But after the Google I/O conference, other brands should join the beta testing program for this new operating system.

Obviously, since Google is fully in the race for artificial intelligence, we expect the firm to take advantage of the Google I/O conference to present new features based on this technology for smartphones.

2 – Going all out on AI

Given the importance of artificial intelligence for Google, it is entirely possible that announcements related to it will be more numerous than those related to Android 15. Normally, Google should take advantage of the keynote to discuss the development of its Gemini model (a competitor to ChatGPT), as well as the integration of this model into different products and services (including the search engine). Currently, Google is already testing a version of Google Search that combines the chatbot experience with traditional search results, with links.

Rumors also suggest that, gradually, the Gemini model could replace Google Assistant. And Google is also working on a new assistant called “Pixie AI” which would offer a more personalized experience than Google Assistant, for Pixel smartphones.

In any case, it is note that recently, Google did a restructuring, creating a new entity called “Platforms and Devices”. This includes all Google Pixel products, Android, Chrome, ChromeOS, etc. This internal consolidation should allow Google to innovate more quickly and integrate AI more easily into its various products and services.

3 – Augmented reality

This year, Apple launched its Vision Pro mixed reality headset. For his part, Google is still working with Samsung on a competing product. And in a publication on

  • Google will be full of new features during its I/O conference on May 14
  • The firm should present the new features of Android 15, as well as its latest innovations in artificial intelligence
  • It also plans to make announcements related to augmented reality
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