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Why buying a new PC now is not a good idea ?

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On October 14, 2025, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 10. And although users of this operating system still have more than a year left, some will not wait until this date to purchase one new PC, if they are currently using a model that is incompatible with Windows 11. However, if you are one of those planning to purchase a new PC in the near future, we recommend that you wait a bit.

Indeed, this year, a huge upheaval could take place in the PC market. And this has nothing to do with the operating system, but rather concerns the processors. As we mentioned in a previous article, Qualcomm has developed a new type of processor for PCs that could revolutionize the market.

The Snapdragon X Elite processor was unveiled in 2023, while the Snapdragon X Plus was presented in April. Unlike Intel processors, these are based on Arm architectures. And thanks to the new Oryon core, these components should allow PC manufacturers to develop machines capable of competing with Macs running Apple Silicon, whether in terms of performance or energy efficiency.

Machines that are kept waiting

Unfortunately, this new generation of PC has not yet arrived on the market. However, these will be arriving very soon. Indeed, announcements are planned from certain manufacturers, starting this month of May.

The advantage of Arm processors is that they have better energy efficiency. And if PCs using this technology already exist on the market, the Snapdragon X Elite and Snapdragon In addition, Qualcomm highlights the exceptional performance of these processors for processing tasks based on artificial intelligence.

In other words, this year the PC market could experience a revolution comparable to the one that Apple started for its Macs in 2020, when the Cupertino company decided to abandon Intel processors in favor of its Apple chips. Silicon based on Arm architectures.

  • A big upheaval is brewing for the PC market
  • Indeed, thanks to the new Qualcomm chips, based on Arm architectures, manufacturers will be able to offer machines capable of competing with Macs
  • The first models using these new chips are coming soon

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