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Google I/O 2024: where and when to watch (in French) live announcements

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What is Google preparing for Google I/O 2024 ? Every year, Google unveils some new hardware features on the sidelines of its developers conference – often, in particular, a cheaper Pixel corresponding to the generation of flagships unveiled a few months earlier. But this year things seem very different in the storytelling that Mountain View offers us.

Firstly because Google strangely launched its Pixel 8a in “soft launch” two weeks in advance (even though the first deliveries are scheduled for the day following the conference). Then, because there are in fact very few leaks on the material announcements that could be made on the sidelines of the event.

How to follow the Google I/O 2024 conference live streaming from 7 p.m. in France ?

The only thing that is possible, in this matter, is that Google unveils a Pixel 9 Pro Fold (which would consist of the second generation of foldables from the brand, rebranded in the Pixel 9 Pro range). But there are so few leaks online that everything about this conference seems unusual.

Which may indicate, on the contrary, a focus on software, with big announcements around AI, and its deep integration in Android 15. Which would be in tune with the times with firms like Samsung which are launching Galaxy AI, or Apple which is preparing the massive arrival of AI in every corner of iOS.

Whatever ;#8217;anyway, the kickoff of the Google I/O 2024 conference is given for May 14, 2024 at 7 p.m. in France. To follow the announcements in French and live, we are offering you two additional methods this year. First of all there is the official Google video at the very bottom of the article. In the latter, the big tech giant offers subtitles in English that can be configured to be translated into French automatically.

Then, there are the articles published immediately on the Presse-citron.net site which allow you to quickly delve deeper into the most important announcements, and our linked files which will be updated in the following hours (notably the one on Android 15) to go into even more detail about what these new features will change in your daily life, and especially how to obtain them.

Generative AI is a subject that is becoming completely essential throughout the industry. Thanks to its massive strike force, Google can really change and standardize the approach by which all manufacturers in the Android ecosystem offer AI in their smartphones.< /p>

In any case, as the English speakers say “save the date” and go to Presse-citron to quickly find the video of the official streaming of Google I/O 2024 and details of the announcements in the content that we will publish during and after the tech giant's conference.

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