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Google Maps becomes the ultimate gastronomic guide with this new feature

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Google Maps is already very convenient for users looking for a good restaurant. Google's navigation app is a real directory which, in addition to listing establishments, allows you to see menus, photos, as well as comments left by users. And with the new feature coming, Google Maps will be even more useful for those who use the app as a food guide.

As you may already know, Google Maps allows its users to leave photos after visiting a location. And now, for restaurant pages, the application tries to identify the photographed dishes. According to the explanations of the site 9to5Google, when scrolling through the photos left by users on a restaurant's page, some may be accompanied by a map, at the bottom, which includes the name of the dish on the menu, as well as its description.

Sometimes the menu would also be accompanied by words such as “vegetarian” or “popular”. However, Google would also warn in a note: “Dishe information is collected from users and establishments. Google analyzes aggregated data, but does not check each attribute.” Otherwise, there would be a way to suggest changes to the information displayed on these maps or report a problem.

When Google helps you choose

This feature is important because in addition to helping people choose a restaurant, Google Maps also wants to help them choose the dish they are going to order. And if some restaurants already share their own photos, those published by users, accompanied by feedback, may be more credible.

On the other hand, it is important to specify that for At the moment, there has been no official announcement. And therefore, we do not know which countries are affected. The 9to5Google site also specifies that these cards do not appear in all photos.

  • Google Maps already allows you to choose a restaurant thanks to detailed information, the menu, as well as user feedback
  • But in addition to that, the app has started to deploy a feature that indicates which menu dishes correspond to photos left by other users on a restaurant page
  • It will therefore be easier to know advance the dish we are going to order

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