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Netflix's stratospheric figures in gaming (thanks GTA)

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Is gaming really taking off on Netflix ? Since 2021, the streaming platform has been clinging to this new mobile gaming activity, and this strategy seems visibly on the rise to bear fruit if we are to believe the data from Appmagic.

For example, downloads of Netflix games on iOS and Android exceeded 10 million in November and then reached 28 million in December. And you don't have to look far to know the reason for this success: the arrival of games from the Rockstar franchise changed the situation.

Un catalog rich in nuggets

Thanks to Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City and San Andreas, the counters have finally soared. In detail, San Andreas is the most popular title with 11.6 million downloads. Followed by Vice City, and GTA 3: 4.1 and 2.4 million.

To contextualize this information a little, it should be remembered that Netflix explained in August 2022 that only 1% of its more than 200 million subscribers had downloaded games. We are therefore at much higher levels more than a year later.

While some observers doubt the relevance of this investment in gaming for Netflix, the entertainment giant is not giving up. In addition to the old GTAs, there are now more than 80 downloadable games in its catalog, including some gems: 12 minutes, Football Manager 2024, Kentucky Route Zero, Unknown Soldiers: Brothers in Arms , or Reigns: Three Kingdoms.

Soon cloud gaming ?

Far from stopping there, Netflix is ​​refining its strategy to eventually offer cloud gaming and export its catalog to other platforms. Leanne Loombe, head of external games at Netflix, explained last year:

We've announced our cloud technology, we're in the early stages and we're currently doing beta testing in Canada and the UK which is great. It's great to see subscribers experimenting with the few games we have available on the cloud right now that are playable on TV.

What do you think of this relative success of Netflix in gaming ? Have you already tested a game from the catalog ? Tell us in the comments.

What to remember:

  • Netflix records good results in its gaming branch
  • The number of downloads is significant thanks to the arrival of old GTA games
  • The service is already thinking about what's next

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