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Thank You Internet: Why You Need to Watch This Squeezie Documentary Series ?

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He reigns supreme on French-speaking YouTube, but who is really Squeezie ? Amazon Prime Video offers us Merci Internet, a very gripping documentary series on the young videographer. The latter looks back in particular on the beginnings of video broadcasting platforms where everything seemed possible from your living room.

She does not forget to talk about certain angry subjects, and in particular the mental health problems of content creators, and the constant pressure put on them. We really liked this original creation and we'll explain why.

A whole part of the history of the Internet

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Thank you Internet is centered on Squeezie's journey and we can even qualify this production as a hagiography of the videographer as it tends to enhance his career. The whole group does not take a lot of risks by giving the floor to loved ones and hand-picked speakers. However, we appreciate finding this generation who accompanied him on the path: Hugo Travers, Seb, Léna Situations, McFly and Carlito, Cyprien, Natoo…

Almost all of them started with sketches read in front of the camera from home or via dedicated video game videos. They are gradually gaining popularity and acquiring skills on the job to offer very innovative content. From this point of view, the documentary clearly shows this epic and the amateur side of the beginnings, which gradually became professional until it overshadowed television.

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Jealousy gradually set in on the side of the small skylight, as evidenced by this passage from Squeezie in Thierry Ardisson's show where the host spoke in a very contemptuous tone to the videographer. The enormous condescension of the stars of the time, Laurent Ruquier, Maïtena Biraben, and Antoine de Caunes, is also not avoided.

The difficulties of content creators

Original creation also shows the constant pressure placed on content creators. Platforms like YouTube are designed to encourage them to constantly post new videos. They insist on audience drops to push them to act.

This has concrete consequences on the mental health of the stars of the service which is deteriorating. Squeezie even confides:

The only thing that worries me is: 'When will it work anymore?' I'm afraid of that day. It's the only thing that stresses me out. It will work less, it’s inevitable. When ? And me who grew up in this thing of numbers, of fame, of earning money. I experienced this at an age where you are still building yourself (…) So when this thing, this kind of infinite growth, calms down a little, even stops, even regresses, psychologically I I'm going to lose a pillar. How am I going to do it ?

Should we decelerate at the risk of being overtaken by others or continue at this infernal pace which can put you in danger? This is the terrible dilemma facing these professionals.

A touching documentary

Thank you Internet often hits the mark thanks to its impeccable editing . Emotion is in order, especially when we measure the progress made by Squeezie since its beginnings. This young geek with strange behavior has become the idol of an entire generation.

We also appreciate the latter's frankness when he recognizes that his career ruined part of his youth, and his joy when he takes a real vacation with friends for the first time. The joys of GP Explorer and creating an E-sport team are also well presented. Squeezie's passion for these activities is sincere and it shows on screen.

The 5 episodes of Thank you Internet are available on Amazon Prime Video.

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