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Google Pixel 9: what is this new feature that would shake the competition ?

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In recent years, Google Pixel has continued to innovate in the smartphone market. And although it is not yet one of the world leaders, its shipments are skyrocketing. In addition to their iconic designs, Google Pixels have good cameras, software powered by Google, and unique features based on artificial intelligence. In addition, Google Pixels are always the first to receive new versions from Google. And the firm has committed to providing these updates over a period of 7 years, on the Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Pro.

To stand out from the competition, Google Pixel equips its smartphones with custom chips called Tensor, which its engineers have optimized for its software. This perfect integration between hardware and software positions Google Pixel as the true equivalent of the iPhone in the Android ecosystem.

More efficient Google Pixels in sight&nbsp ;?

On the other hand, if Tensor chips allow Google to offer unique functionalities, particularly in terms of artificial intelligence, they generally have CPUs and Less powerful GPUs compared to high-end models from Samsung and Apple.

But the good news is that Google could correct this in 2024, on the Pixel 9 series. The Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro are not released until the second half of the year. However, there are already many rumors circulating about these smartphones. For example, in a publication on X, the Revengus account (which is regularly relayed by the media) publishes new information about the next Google Pixel chip (the Tensor G4) which comes from a Korean media. p>

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According to him, the Pixel 9 chip would benefit from the latest technological innovations from Samsung, which manufactures chips for Google. More precisely, the Tensor G4 would be engraved in 4 nm and would benefit from FOWLP (Fan-Out Wafer-Level Packaging) technology. In summary, we would have better performance, better energy efficiency, and better heat dissipation.

Finally, a real competitor to the iPhone ?

Google Pixel is already positioning itself as a competitor to the iPhone and models high-end from Samsung, thanks to its many features, camera and AI. However, a person who needs a powerful smartphone on benchmarks, or a smartphone that performs well on the most popular mobile video games (like PUBG Mobile) may hesitate to buy a Google Pixel.

If the information relayed by Revengus is true, it is possible that the Pixel 9 will be equipped with a chip whose CPU and GPU could really compete with those of the Galaxy S24 Ultra and the iPhone 15 Pro. But, of course, since this information is not official, caution remains in order.

In any case, at a time when its sales are increasing, and while competitors are also developing new products based on AI, it is normal for Google to seek to make its Pixel smartphones even more competitive. Unofficial figures already suggest that 2023 may have been the best year for the Google Pixel range, since its launch. However, for the moment, Google does not yet appear in the global Top 5 in the smartphone market.

  • Les Google Pixel has many arguments, such as the camera, the AI-based features, or the perfect integration between hardware and software
  • However, Google devices are often outperformed by other high-end models, including the iPhone, in CPU and GPU performance
  • But Google could change that, by offering a significant performance improvement on the Tensor G4 chip in the Pixel 9 series
  • Google smartphone sales are on the rise, but they have not yet entered the Top 5 of the global market

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