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What is this new Tesla Model Y “2 seats” exclusive to France ?

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A few weeks ago, Tesla lowered the prices of its most popular SUV, the Model Y, incidentally one of the best-selling electric cars of 2023. In 2023, the model has oscillated between first and second place among the best-selling vehicles on the Old Continent, and continues to appeal to many motorists. Today, Tesla is launching a new version of this same Model Y, designed for “pros“.

Tesla launches “utility” in France

Indeed, while France currently has a fleet of just over 6 million utility vehicles, mainly powered by diesel, the manufacturer wants to impose its Model Y on craftsmen and other professionals. For this, Tesla is launching in France a “Model Y 2 places“, in order to allow the buyer to benefit storage of more than 2 100 liters, while enjoying the comfort of electric.

France currently has a fleet of around 6.3 million utility vehicles, mainly powered by diesel. Faced with this reality, Tesla has developed a 2-seater Model Y with a storage capacity of 2,158 liters and offering a range of up to 565 km. This model is eligible for utility vehicle taxation.” explains Clément Maguet, senior account manager at Tesla, on Linkedin.

What is this new Tesla Model Y “2 seats” exclusive to France ?

© Tesla

For Tesla, it's about occupying the field of vehicles dedicated to professionals, with an “ecological and efficient solution which offers an additional alternative to professional mobility.” The manufacturer indicates that its 2-seater Model Y is designed for transporting goods or to act as an intervention vehicle

The manufacturer also explains that its Model Y “2 seats” will be visible exclusively in various Stores in France, namely:

  • From March 4 to March 18 in Strasbourg
  • From March 18 to April 1 in Lille
  • From April 1 to 22 in Paris
  • From April 22 to May 6 in Rennes and Nantes
  • From May 6 to 20 in Bordeaux
  • From May 20 to June 3 in Toulouse
  • From June 3 to June 17 in Aix en Provence
  • From June 17 to July 30 in Lyon

Tesla has not indicated the price of this Model Y 2-seater version, and invites those interested to make themselves known via the Contact page of the website. Currently, this Model Y intended for professionals is only available on French territory.

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