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Google's AI and our privacy: whose last card ?

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Bard, the conversational AI made in Google, is changing. The company had already planned to incorporate it more organically into its ecosystem, notably by integrating it into Google Assistant and its search engine. This time, it is the Google Messages application, pre-installed on all Android phones, which is affected by the arrival of Bard. A decision which obviously promises to improve our conversations thanks to the arrival of new features.

Once is not usual for Google, this new development is not without raising legitimate questions in terms of data confidentiality< /strong>. Barely a month ago, the company extricated itself from a bad patch, a colossal lawsuit brought against it for non-respect of the privacy of Chrome users. So let's examine what Bard's implementation has in store for us and especially why it can prove problematic.

Bard features and their implications

Google does not want to limit Bard to a simple conversational assistant role. This must be an even more versatile tool, capable of facilitating communications and increasing creativity while providing useful information to its user. Vast program. Impressive features, certainly, but which will come at a high price when it is integrated into Google Messages. The company is falling back into its ways and intends to feed Bard by collecting your personal data.

Like ChatGPT, Bard will be fed and trained thanks to messages sent via the application, nothing really abnormal so far. On the other hand, his analytical skills will go well beyond that. It will be able to analyze the content of private messages in order to perfectly understand the context of the conversations. The personal interests of users as well as the tone they use will also no longer hold any secrets for him.

The impact on privacy

Accessible directly via the application, it will also be able to carry out a complete evaluationof the general feeling generated by the messages exchanged. This is to allow him to offer and adapt his responses according to the style and mood of each user. Bard himself says all this! It will even be able to “analyze your conversation history with your different contacts to understand the dynamics that take place in your different relationships, in order to personalize the responses depending on the person to whom you are talking. address”.

That's a lot there, no ? Question of privacy, we have rarely seen this intrusive, and Google doesn't even really seem to be hiding it. Its objective is rather clear: to dominate the messaging applications market thanks to artificial intelligence.

A squabble which for the moment does not seem to have any limits for the Mountainview firm, which continues to push the power of its generative AI technologies ever further. We already know how much of a threat these models already pose to privacy, and Google doesn't seem to care. Bard remains relatively evasive about the actual use of the personal data acquired to train other AI models. Even if it is not explicitly stated that they can serve this purpose, the reverse is not clearly formulated neither. It remains to be seen how international regulatory bodies will react to this new assault on the part of the American company.

  • Google will implement Google Bard in its Google Messages application.
  • An innovation aimed at improving communications between users thanks to the AI ​​system.
  • Concerning confidentiality, this implementation is very intrusive and the compilation of personal data by Bard raises valid concerns.

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