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“A prank”, “extortion”: Spotify ignites against the new rules on iPhone

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Has Apple really done things right by complying with the Digital Markets Act ? Europe demands through this text that Apple stops abusing this which the regional group now describes as an abuse of a monopolistic position. Namely to allow the sideloading of applications outside the App Store as well as to allow developers to publish an application on iPhone without having to pay mandatory fees to Apple (the famous 30% Commission).

And a priori, Apple gave the impression of complying perfectly with the text, by creating a new regime authorizing not to pay any commission to the firm (on the condition of going to an online store). #8217;alternative applications and use your own payment system). However, quickly, we said it in an article: only developers of applications with less than 1 million downloads can actually avoid the famous commission.

After Epic Games, Spotify highlights Apple's inconsistencies around DMA on iPhone

For others, it takes no less than 50 euro cents per download over 1 million. Which quickly represents very large sums. Apple also takes 3% of In-app payments regardless of the plan chosen by developers. It is clearly, among other things, this observation that literally shook Spotify off its hinges. The firm describes the new iPhone fee structure as “extortion” – and the implementation of DMA as a 'total farce' showing that in the end Apple does not consider that these rules really oblige it.

Spotify is not the only player to sharply criticize the new fees for developers in Europe. Epic Games boss Tim Sweeney, for his part, described the new fees “as a malicious application” of the DMA, noting that the new reality for developers on iPhone is riddled with 'garbage fees'. Spotify boss Daniel Ek adds that Apple's plan is a “masterclass in diversion” since it lets developers choose between the current system and a new, very complex model, which may seem attractive at first, but results in higher fees.

As for the 50 cents per download above one million, Daniel Ek emphasizes that this will impact many major applications including Spotify, WhatsApp, Duolingo and even 𝕏. According to the boss of Spotify, Apple is somehow winning this battle, because the big publishers cannot afford not to stay on iPhone and therefore have the choice between remaining on the same regime, or facing customer recruitment costs untenable. He calls on European legislators to recognize the situation and adopt the necessary measures so that their “work which lasted for years’was not in vain&# 8221;.

  • Spotify boss Daniel Ek protests on rules described as a mockery of the European Commission and millions of consumers in the region.
  • The latter emphasizes that developers now have the choice between remaining on a regime against which they have fought for years, or switching to a new system which will be more expensive for them because of a new fee structure somewhat misleading.
  • He calls on the Commission to recognize this “malicious” and what is necessary to force Apple to align itself with the original spirit of the DMA.

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