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iOS 17.4: the iPhone update that will shake up your texting

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Clearly, the iOS 17.4 update, which Apple is currently testing for the iPhone, will be very rich in new features. For users in the European Union, it is through this update that the firm will deploy the various changes it will make to comply with the DMA, the new EU legislation for tech giants. As a reminder, Apple will, for example, authorize the distribution of iOS applications outside the App Store. This will also authorize the use of the NFC model of the iPhone, for contactless payments, to competitors of Apple Pay. The iOS 17.4 update will also give Safari's competitors a better chance, thanks to a choice screen for the default browser.

New emojis are coming

But for the rest of the world, iOS 17.4 will also bring interesting new features, although less radical. For example, it is through this update that Apple should integrate the new Unicode emojis into its platform. As a reminder, this consortium published a new list of emojis (Emoji 15.1) in September 2023. And it is this list that Apple intends to integrate into the iPhone, once iOS 17.4 is available in stable version . In total, the list includes 118 new emojis. However, the real new features are the horizontally shaken head emoji for no, the vertically shaken head for yes emoji, the phoenix emoji, the lime emoji, the brown mushroom emoji, and the broken chain emoji.

iOS 17.4: the iPhone update that will shake up your texting

a head shaken horizontally to say no, a head shaken vertically to say yes. © Unicode

iOS 17.4: the iPhone update that will shake up your texting

A phoenix, a lime, a brown mushroom, and a broken chain. © Unicode

Typically, these new symbols come with the ideas they are supposed to express. For example, the broken chain can symbolize freedom, while the phoenix can be used to express rebirth, or reincarnation. But as we have seen in the past, emojis are sometimes misused to express ideas different from those that were initially intended during design.

Another big news for video games

We also recall that in addition to the changes reserved for the European Union, Apple also announced the lifting of the restrictions it imposed on streaming video game platforms and platforms offering mini-games. Thus, we should see services such as xCloud or GeForce Now arrive on iOS in the form of a native application.

“Today, Apple is introducing new options for apps around the world to deliver integrated experiences to users, including streaming games and mini-programs. Developers can now submit a single application with the possibility of distributing all the games offered in their catalog”, the Cupertino company recently announced.

  • Recently, Apple announced the measures it will apply to comply with the DMA, and which will be implemented via the iOS 17.4 update
  • But in addition to changes reserved for the European Union, this update will also allow everyone to benefit from new emojis (including heads shaking to say “yes” or “no”)
  • < li>In addition, Apple is lifting restrictions on cloud gaming platforms worldwide

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