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Grégory affair: the identity of the killer, how the child died... A former gendarme ensures he “knows everything”

The former director of the Criminal Research Institute of the National Gendarmerie (IRCGN) claims to know the identity of of the killer of little Grégory, found in died in Vologne, October 16, 1984.

An unexpected twist. Almost 40 years after the events, François Daoust, former director of the Criminal Research Institute of the National Gendarmerie, who worked on the investigation; ecirc;te à The era revealed the truth. know the identity of of the killer of Grégory Villemin. As a reminder, the child was found bound hands and feet in Vologne on October 16, 1984, seven kilometers from the family home in Lépanges-sur-Vologne. The matter is still not resolved. With this revelation, the Gr's affair could take a new turn.

"One of the protagonists had givené all items"

This former high-ranking police officer indicated&eac; to the Belgian weekly magazine Ciné-Tél&eac;-Revue know the identity' of the killer, as well as the course of the murder. facts, while explaining that he cannot say anything without risking legal action for defamation. According to him, a "procedural error" would have resulted in nullity conclusive analyzes and interrogations carried out time. "Off-screen, we know what happened. Officially, we can't say it. We cannot report it, at the risk of being sued for defamation. But there was everything" he blurted out.

"The truth is that there were analyses, interrogations which were good and which gave us the answer . But as it was é canceled for a procedural error, we can no longer work on these seals and we can no longer reintroduce under the same conditions one of the protagonists who had given ;eacute; all the elements of temporality. Çit happenedé thus, &agrav; such moment, à such place" he continues. In other words, a person whose identity he wishes to conceal would have allowed investigators to resolve the investigation.

One of the "crows" identified in 2023

In 2023, identity of one of the crows, author of the anonymous letters received by the Villemin family after the death of little Grégory was discovered; identified. The genetic fingerprint noted on the 1985 letter was investigated. compared to data from the National Automated File genetic fingerprinting (FNAEG). Result: a woman already known to the courts for acts of fraud was ´acute; detected. She has since admitted to being the author of the letters even though she has nothing to do with them. to see with the affair. Since 2021, experts are still working "in silence" according to Me Thierry Moser, one of the lawyers of Christine and Jean-Marie Villemin, the parents of the little boy, in an attempt to ;clear up the gray areas surrounding the murder of their son. 

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