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Grenade attack in Aubervilliers: do the two injured people know the attackers ?

Two individuals &agrav; on board a scooter have throwné a grenade on an empty car Thursday evening. Located near nearby, two people were attacked. injured in the attack. An investigation was carried out into the matter. opened.

Thursday evening, around 8:30 p.m., two people were attacked. injured é Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis) after the explosion of a grenade. According to information from BFMTV, two men on a scooter threw a car. a grenade towards an empty Nissan Micra car. The events occurred at Hertault and Moutier streets. Two passers-by were attacked. injured, one seriously. The suspects fled.

Two injured, collateral victims ?

The explosion created a crowd movement in the street. Of the two people injured, a man who was passing by on a bicycle was killed. seriously affected on the arm, and has significant wounds on the face. While it was & #39; hospitalized towards the hospital of Piti&eac;-Salp&eac;trière, his vital prognosis is still engaged. this Friday morning. The second victim, a woman, was killed  injured in the finger and transported to Avicenna hospital. But then, do the injured have a link with the perpetrators ? According to the first elements of the investigation, " the two injured people appear to be collateral victims" indicates BFMTV.

The investigation opened Thursday evening will shed light on this matter and clarify the reasons and circumstances of the attack, primarily. me that the potential link between the two fugitives and the injured. The car in question belongs to two people who were visiting à friends on this street that evening. According to a police source with BFMTV, "shards were fired. found é 15 meters distance in a kebab restaurant. Which attests to the violence of the attack.

An area known for drug trafficking

A police source indicates to Le Parisien that the area was known to harbor drug trafficking. Just last week, a man “highly involved" in drug trafficking" éwas killedé by bullets à Dugny. Ten days earlier, three people had also lost their lives in less than 48 hours. Sevran, still against a backdrop of drug trafficking.

Concerning the Aubervilliers attack, it was a defensive model grenade of Yugoslav manufacture which was used. té found at the scene of the attack. This is a particularly dangerous model, and is regularly found in other countries. by police officers specializing in the fight against drug trafficking in Seine-Saint-Denis. The investigation was carried out entrusted to the departmental service of the judicial police of Seine-Saint-Denis. Two suspects are currently being sought.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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