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Like millions of French people, you will soon have to redo your registration document, here is why


A law passed discreetly in 2022 is preparing to shake up the daily lives of millions of French people. The 3DS law, an acronym for “differentiation, decentralization, deconcentration and simplification”, aims to modernize local public action. If its intentions are laudable, one of its consequences is less pleasing: many citizens will have to redo their registration documents.

The BAN, a database that moves the lines

The cornerstone of this reform is the creation of a Base National Address (BAN). This ambitious database aims to list all the addresses in France, from large metropolises to the most remote hamlets. Problem: many roads, particularly in rural areas, do not have an official name.

To remedy this situation, the 3DS law gives municipalities the power, and even the obligation, to name all the roads in their territory. A titanic task which primarily concerns small towns, often rich in localities and picturesque paths with informal names.

Direct consequence of this great renaming: millions of postal addresses will be modified. However, who says change of address, said change of registration document. The law requires motorists to update their registration certificate within the month following the change of their address.

To carry out this procedure, you will need to connect to the ANTS (National Agency for Secure Titles) website. Good news: the procedure is free, unless you have already changed your address more than three times on your registration card. In this case, you will be charged a fee of 2.76 euros.

Vehicles registered before 2009

Owners of vehicles registered before 2009, whose plates are still in FNI format (National Registration File), will need to be extra vigilant. Indeed, when changing address, their vehicle will automatically be assigned a new registration number in the SIV format (Système d& #8217;Vehicle Registration).

This change of number also involves the change of the registration plates, an additional expense which risks making people cringe. Allow on average between 25 and 50 euros to acquire new plates.

If the 3DS law will result in administrative procedures for many motorists, it should be remembered that it aims above all to modernize and simplify local public action. The creation of the BAN will make it possible to improve the efficiency of emergency services, facilitate the distribution of mail and parcels, and streamline the interventions of network operators.

  • The 3DS law requires municipalities to name all the roads in their territory.
  • Millions of French people will have to change their address and update their registration card.
  • Owners of vehicles registered before 2009 will also have to change their license plates ;#8217;registration.

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