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Groundwater: these departments which still lack water

With the recent bad weather in March, the French water tables have been full of water. But for some, the level remains abnormally low.

According to the latest report from the Bureau of Geological and Minimal Research (BRGM), 58% of French groundwater has recovered. oacute; a level above normal. A proportion deemed "satisfactory" as the recharge period enters its final moments. Fall and winter precipitation has globally recharged the waters. water tables, but in the departments of Aude, Loire, Pyr&nées-Orientales and Haute- Corsica, the site Drought info raises a level that is still particularly low, which could lead the population to a serious decline. undergo new restrictions l'ésummer next. 

The departments of southern Corsica, Cantal, Hérault, Jura, Puy-de-Dôme, Manche and Yvelines are also in an unfavorable situation due to the relatively low level of their water tables. Barring a specific rainfall event, current levels should stabilize in each department, which is obviously not a good sign for the places où groundwater is not sufficiently recharged.

Groundwater: these departments which still lack water

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Compared to the previous reading of the BRGM, the level of the water tables is still at a high level. the increase in most of the country except in Roussillon which continues to experience a rainfall deficit. certain departments to catch up with the delay they had in the level of their water tables, this is particularly the case of the south-east of France and departments of the central massif. The aquifers of southern Alsace are also struggling to cope. return to an average level. 

Even if the levels are increasing over the same period compared to the previous period. Last year, we won't have to relax. The accumulated deficit since 2022 will probably not be filled this year. M&téo France forecasts for the months of April , May and June, temperatures at & the increase throughout the territory but "no scenario emerges regarding precipitation" reports the Bureau of Geological and Mining Research. Depressive passages are still present. wait until April but their positive impact on water tables will be less than in recent months, due to the resumption of vegetation.

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