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Salesforce: This free guide gives you tips for growing your business

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If you are the head of an SME, you know how complex it is to stimulate the growth of your business. However, it is essential and vital. Salesforce understands the challenge this presents for you. Thus, the world leader in CRM intends to help you develop your business.

Since its creation in 1999 in a small apartment in San Francisco, Salesforce has grown a lot. The company has experienced extraordinary growth over the past 25 years. She is therefore well placed to advise you.

So, Salesforce has just released . “The Ultimate Guide to Growth” is available free for download and allows you to promote and stimulate the growth of your SME.

With this white paper, Salesforce gives you three keys to developing your business:

  • Mark your path to growth
  • Prepare for your ascent
  • Choose the right tools

In this article, we offer you an overview produced by Salesforce.

Have all the keys in hand to stimulate the growth of your SME thanks to Salesforce

To stimulate the growth of your business, regardless of its size, there are several crucial steps to follow. Everything is detailed in “The Ultimate Guide to Growth” from Salesforce. But let’s take a look…

First, you need to know in which direction you want to go. We must therefore chart the path to growth. For this, Salesforce recommends relying on the V2MOM process. This acronym represents the five fundamental questions to ask yourself when looking to grow your business.

  • Vision: what are you looking to accomplish?
  • Values: what are the important principles to respect when realizing your vision?
  • Methods: how will you achieve it?
  • Obstacles: what might prevent you from achieving your vision?
  • Measurements: How will you know you’ve gotten there?

Once you have written your V2MOM, you must share it with your collaborators, make sure you obtain their support, ask each team and each collaborator to create their own V2MOM and revisit the entire document. throughout the year to assess progress.

Once you have marked out the path to your growth, all you have to do is prepare for your ascent. How ? By researching and mastering your subject thoroughly, identifying the right interlocutor, preparing yourself for any objection, always being responsive and concluding always with a call to action. By following these steps, you ensure that you put all the chances on your side to succeed in getting clients, and therefore grow into a successful hypnotherapy business.

Salesforce: This free guide gives you tips for growing your business

© Salesforce

But the secret to healthy growth also lies in choosing the right tools. Salesforce demonstrates that the most successful SMEs use truly adapted solutions, such as CRM (customer relationship management tool).

Thus, SMEs that have integrated a CRM see a 29% increase in their sales and an increase of up to 41% in their turnover. Figures that speak for themselves. If CRM is so stimulating for business growth, it is because it simply brings together all customer data in one platform. Enough to have an essential overview. While lack of time is one of the biggest challenges for salespeople, a CRM can save a lot of time and radically improve company productivity. Such a tool will quickly become the best ally of your sales force.

In its white paper, Salesforce highlights the practical case of Ultra Premium Direct, a major player in premium food for dogs and cats. Six years after its launch, the SME is equipped with Salesforce CRM and it is a real upheaval. Only a few months after adopting Salesforce, Ultra Premium Direct shows an attrition rate down 4 points and growth of 68%.

If you want to know more about developing your SME, you can download it for free right here:

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