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Harassment, touching… The threatening letters from the Versailles rectorate condemned by Gabriel Attal

The rectorate of Versailles once again finds itself in turmoil after a letter following up on the matter. a complaint for touching a student.

Gabriel Attal promises to "draw all the consequences". The Minister of National Education reacted in a press release. published Friday after confirming your reservation. that the rectorate of Versailles, &eac;pin&eac; for sending a letter to the parents of a teenager who said he was the victim of harassment, sent letters of the same type & other families. On September 16, Gabriel Attal had already point&eac; pointing out a first letter addressed to by the rectorate in the context of school harassment. Harassment which led to the suicide of Nicolas, 15, on September 5,   Poissy.

A letter of the same type was thus sent. sent to a father who had carried complaint for touching his daughter. On March 13, a father brought his son to the house. complaint against X in Yvelines. He accuses an after-school leader, responsible for of taking care of the children during the lunch break, of having touched his daughter, aged 11 , reports BFMTV. But the parent says he too received a threatening letter from the same rectorate. The events allegedly took place on a Friday. The child, in tears, was sent to see the principal by his teacher. She says she wasé victim of touching. The director then calls the municipal manager in charge of after-school who will inform the parents of the situation.

The reaction of the rectorate criticized

On Monday, the family leaves to file a complaint. The father also tries to contact the director, in vain. Four days later; After the supposed aggression, the father finally manages to solve the problem. to meet her. The tone rises in the face of the director’s refusal to explain herself. The latter refuses to discuss under her conditions. The father threatens to file a complaint.

After this heated interview, he wrote an email to her. the director, with a copy of the rectorate and the town hall, in which he denounces "the failure to take into account the very serious situation".  ;He does not get a response from the director but the mayor informs him that the suspected animator, and employee of by the City, was é suspended on March 15.

At the beginning of May, the family finally received a letter from the rectorate. We can read there that "the procedure in force in this case has beené fully respected.  "Also, in the interest of your child and out of concern for setting an example; &agrav; With regard to it, I urge you to adopt from now on a constructive and respectful attitude towards other members of the community. educational and more broadly all national education personnel who work in this area. the care of your daughter and act as best as possible his égard".

Attal will take stock with the rector

A partly identical letter à the one received by the parents of Nicolas, 15, who committed suicide. early September & Poissy. "It's the threat directly, copied and pasted. In fact, they do ça à the channel,” laments the father. The Minister of Education, Gabriel Attal assured in a press release this Friday,  "strongly condemn" the "terms" mail addressed to by the rectorate of Versailles. "With regard to the academy of Versailles, the first rises of the The audit he triggered indicate that other letters of this type have been published. sent to several families,” he added.

The Ministry of National Education specifies that Gabriel Attal will go to the Versailles rectorate on Monday morning for &quot ;take stock with the recently appointed new rector. "It’s about being transparent about the extent of this practice, putting an end to it, and drawing all the necessary conclusions from it. quences", explainedé the ministry.

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By Teilor Stone

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