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Wife of professor stabbed to death in Dunkirk indicted

The wife of Patrice Charlemagne, the university professor youé in his house &agrav; proximity of Dunkirk, was é indicted for "assassination" this Friday, September 22. The day before, she had admitted to having committed the homicide.

The wife of Patrice Charlemagne, the academic found in France death à stabbing Monday à dawn & Dunkirk, is indicted for murder and placed in provisional detention. ;, specifiedé the Dunkirk prosecutor, Charlotte Huet.  "There were inconsistencies between his initial version, that of the thesis of a break-in committed by burglars, and the evidence collected on site" , she explainedé without giving à This stage of details on the motive for this gesture. The professor’s wife had admitted the facts to the investigators on Thursday September 21, the day after her placement in prison. guard à view.

Justine Jotham, the wife of the deceased professor, had nevertheless called for help. the police after the death of her husband. She then indicated, in a first version of the facts, that she and her husband had been killed. woken up by burglars who had succeeded in enter their home. She added that she had succeeded in achieving this goal. fled with his 20-month-old daughter, while the thieves attacked the fifty-year-old. After the opening of an investigation into intentional homicide and to confront this story and certain inconsistencies with the first elements elements of the investigation, the teacher who worked in the same university that her husband was arrested on September 20. She ended up confessing to the murder, but investigators have yet to clarify the circumstances of the tragedy.

Tensions in the couple ?

The wife of Patrice Charlemagne was still in the sights of the judicial police in charge of the investigation. The investigators had found several elements questioning the role of Justine Jotham in the drama: a cut on his left hand which corresponded to à that of a glove found on site" and "the analysis of smartphones which suggested tensions within the couple" specifies the AFP.

The circumstances of the death of the 51-year-old professor have yet to be clearly established. Patrice Charlemagne was  é found died in a bedroom on the first floor of the family home, injured; by several stab wounds, while two bloody knives, gloves, a laptop and a flashlight were taken. discovered near the crime scene.

Doctor, novelist… Who is the wife of Professor Patrice Charlemagne ?

Like her late husband, Justine Jotham is a teacher. the University du Littoral Côte d'Opale and worked on the in a college before. Aged 37, she is a doctor and lecturer in French literature. In parallel with its activity, As a professor, the thirty-year-old has a distinguished career as a writer. Most of his books are aimed at children and the last one was published. published a few weeks ago.

The wife of the professor killedé is also known &agrav; Dunkirk as a municipal councilor, since her election in 2020 on the list of mayor Patrice Vergriete, the current minister in charge of Housing. His political commitment was reflected largely in actions linked to culture, such as library inaugurations, literary prize ceremonies and even public readings.

L'universityé où works the wife of Patrice Charlemagne did not wish to make comments after the confession. As for à the city of Dunkirk she describes, through her communications director Thomas Roussez at the microphone of BFM Grand Littoral, a “serious, very serious” woman ;s professional". Protected by the presumption of innocence, no court decision having been made. pronounced à In her regard, the suspect remains municipal councilor of the commune until the end of the year. the judicial decision" added the communicator.

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