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Has Google just suffered one of the worst leaks in its history ?

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Google may have just suffered the largest information leak in its history. In an article published this week, the Android Authority site relays a publication from Sparktoro, which mentions the leak of more than 2,500 pages of API documentation. These could be internal documents intended for Google employees, which were accidentally made public on the GitHub platform.

The authenticity of this document has not been confirmed. But in any case, if these are really leaked internal documents, they could give us a more precise idea of ​​how the Google search engine algorithm works, which chooses which links to prioritize in the results.

What exactly is it about??

To be precise, the documents circulating on the web do not contain the algorithm. On the other hand, these would mention the different parameters that can be exploited by this algorithm, but without indicating the importance of one parameter compared to another. Moreover, it is possible that some elements are not used at all.

In any case, in the coming days, these 2 500 pages will probably be examined by SEO experts, whose job is to better position websites on the Google search engine.

A start of controversy ?

Apart from the fact that these documents could give a better idea of ​​how Google's algorithm works, these could also spark a controversy. Indeed, certain information discovered in these 2 500 pages would contradict instructions or information that was given by Google employees.

  • The Sparktoro site published an article describing 2 500 pages of Google documentation that were accidentally made public
  • This leak, the authenticity of which has not been confirmed been confirmed, does not contain the Google search algorithm, but could still give a more precise idea of ​​how it works
  • In any case, the documents will probably be reviewed by SEO specialists

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