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This smartphone beats the latest iPhone and Samsung hands down on one very specific point

If we often praise the latest Samsung and Apple phones, the latter are far from being the champions in all areas.

When we ask &agrav; If someone asks the brand of their phone, there is a good chance that they will answer 'iPhone', 'Samsung' ; or even "Xiaomi" or "Google". Nowadays, market leaders attract a significant number of users. worldwide. According to recent calculations, it was estimated that nearly 40% of French people used an iPhone as their main phone.

However, high-end smartphones from Apple and Samsung are not entirely perfect. Let's take the iPhone 15 Pro Max for example. Apple's latest flagship is clearly not the best camera phone, any more than it is. #39;it is not capable of recharging extremely quickly. Conversely, if the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra shines in photos and videos, it still lacks a little punch when it comes to recharging, which remains stuck at the same time. 45 Watts.

This smartphone beats the latest iPhone and Samsung hands down on one very specific point

There are other brands that have more powerful smartphones than the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Ultra. Let's take performance in particular: the most powerful phone on the market today. &agrav; The current time does not belong to anyone. Samsung, nor à Apple, but &agrav;… Asus. This is the ROG Phone 8 Pro released a few months ago.

And a new smartphone released very recently is now at the top in terms of photography. If the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy remain excellent choices for taking photos, the latter simply do not manage to achieve this. the ankle of the latest Huawei Pura 70 Ultra.

Lancé At the beginning of May in France, the Huawei Pura 70 Ultra is the latest high-end smartphone from the Chinese company. With a new application store to overcome the absence of the Google Play Store, the Pura 70 Ultra quickly stood out from the crowd. on the web and social networks on a very specific point: his photographs. Huawei's high-end phone directly reached first place in the ranking of DXOMARK, a reference site for the analysis of photo capabilities of smartphones. It thus surpasses the Honor Magic6 Pro, the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

And for good reason: the Huawei Pura 70 Ultra is equipped with a huge 40 Mpx ultra-wide-angle sensor with a large focal aperture for capture lots of light, even when you don't have enough. The smartphone now sits at the top of the rankings for photography, zoom capabilities and photographs with blur in the background. A real heist upon his arrival in France. It is now available from us. from 1499 euros.

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