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You must change your PIN code if it appears in this list

“You must change your PIN code if it appears on this list”

There are still many French people around the world. Use simple, easy-to-remember unlock codes. Beware of the increasingly common risks of hacking!

It's the first thing that appears when you turn on your smartphone screen. The PIN Code, for "Personal Identification Number", is a personal identification number that allows you to access your personal information. allows a user to secure their phone in order to avoid data theft. It takes the form of a series of numbers going from 0 to 0. 9 and thus offers a wide range of possibilities for users with a mobile phone. However, some are not without risks.

At whatever time we live in a world marked by by advances in digital technologies, the question linked to security data is central. Whether it is to consult banking income, access your bank account, etc. social applications or &agrav; your mailbox, the password is present everywhere. Therefore, the choice of a good PIN code for your smartphone is decisive. However, a recent study reveals that some passwords are far too common, and therefore more likely than not. even being hacked.

You must change your PIN code if it appears in this list

There are no less than 10,000 possible combinations to create a Rawpixel Ltd PIN Code.

An analysis bringing together 3.5 million PIN codes throughout the world has been é conducted recently. The latter tells us that the code "1234" is the most popular with 11% usage. Not far behind, the codes "0000", "1111", "7777", "1212", "1004" and many others also remain very popular with the general public. And for good reason, the latter are very easy to use. to remember. Some also opt for their date of birth but also their age or numbers linked to their age. their memories. Codes attached to them and which can be easily discovered. without their knowledge.

These users are the main target of hackers, capable of collecting data in a matter of seconds. It is obvious that the combinations the most common and easy ones à keep in mind are those that are most easily circumvented. The experts in this study therefore recommend creating or changing code without any particular meaning. This will minimize the chances of being exposed to hacking. It is also strongly recommended not to use &agrav; the same password several times.

There are methods to enhance securityé of your device. The first consists of: enable identity verification in two steps in order to accept or not access to your application. an IT resource. This verification is done via a signal sent to the user. on your phone or by email depending on your preferences. As for unlocking options, you can opt for fingerprint verification or facial recognition.

However, these technologies are not infallible and must remain associated with manage your passwords. Another possible alternative is to make use of password managers. Tools that allow you to generate and memorize your passwords, even the most complex ones, and which offer you a secure interface.

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