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Has posting on Instagram become outdated ?

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In 2010, Instagram was launched. The photography application was an immediate success and found its way onto the phones of many users. Since its launch, the social network has continued to evolve and improve. If Instagram has changed a lot in 14 years, user habits are no longer the same either.

At first, everyone posted as they saw fit. Then, there were “codes” that we had to respect to be “cool”. If today the trend is “photo dump”, it seems that Instagram has really lost its place as a darling in the hearts of users. TikTok has come to overshadow it, just like BeReal (despite its loss of momentum in recent months). Has Instagram become has-been ?

The trend of no -publication ?

We know that social networks weigh on the mental health of users, particularly those of younger people. This is all the more true for Instagram, where image is king. Over the years, posting on Instagram has become an opportunity to show yourself in your best light and to say loud and clear that your life is perfect. So much so that posting photos on Instagram could have been a source of anxiety for many Internet users.

Over the past three years, there have been changes. Instagram users have understood the harmful effects of the application on their view of themselves and are looking for more authenticity. In 2021, the ”photo dumpare making their appearance. All the influencers and other celebrities are getting into it (especially the Kardashians). The principle is simple: it is a collection of ten photos representing the past month or period. A recap of the last moments of your life, in short. To thumb their nose at the “dictatorship” of Instagram, users publish photos that are less pretty and less elaborate, but more sincere.

Has posting on Instagram become outdated ?

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But for some time now, the “photo dump” seem to have, they too, lost their splendor. Social network users seem to no longer need the online validation of others so much. So much the better! So, the new trend would be to remain more discreet. The stories are still relevant, even if they are now more like ephemeral publications because they are thought out and worked on.

Will Instragram join Facebook, a social network that has now been a has-been for a while ? Inexorably. But it is certain that the social network is not to be forgotten any time soon and that it will continue to evolve. And if Instagram has really become old-fashioned, is it really so serious? Ultimately, isn't it the idea of ​​forcing yourself to follow what is happening or not that is out of fashion?

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