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We explain how to (finally!) send your photos in HD on Messenger

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Like millions of users, you have undoubtedly put aside the SMS application (for boomers) on your smartphone, to favor exchanges through WhatsApp, Messenger and other Snapchat. For several years now, messaging applications have offered numerous possibilities, including the exchange of media (in addition to essential voice messages lasting more than 10 minutes). Today, it's Messenger which welcomes a new function that is welcome to say the least.

Messenger's turn to allow the sending of photos in HD

Indeed, not only the signed application Meta (Facebook) has just given in to the call for end-to-end encryption, but now Messenger is taking pride of place… in HD! On the WhatsApp side, we have been able to send our photos and videos in superior quality for a while now. On Messenger, on the other hand, each media exchanged was automatically resized (and therefore altered) by the application. “Was“, because this time of compression is over!

We explain how to (finally!) send your photos in HD on Messenger

© Facebook

For a few hours now, Meta has been rolling out a brand new update dedicated to Messenger. The latter gives pride of place to various optimizations, but also to one new feature in particular: HD. But then, how to send your media in HD on Facebook Messenger ? Let's take a breath, we'll explain the procedure to you.

We explain how to (finally!) send your photos in HD on Messenger

Before to select your media, you activate the HD function by clicking on the button of the same name, located at the top right of the gallery © Meta

How to send photos in HD on Messenger ?

  • First of all, it is imperative to have the latest version of the Messenger application. A look in the AppStore or PlayStore, and you download the latest version (already available).
  • Once the update installed, we open Messenger
  • On a discussion, we click on the button “send media” (in the form of a photograph)
  • Here, at the top of the media list, in the upper right corner, we see the new logo “HD&# 8221;, and we click on it to activate the functionality
  • From then on, all media exchanged will be sent in HD quality. There you go!

We explain how to (finally!) send your photos in HD on Messenger

From then on, the media exchanged are in better quality, the HD mention in the upper right corner attesting to the proper functioning of the handling. HD photos and videos are yours! © Meta

As on WhatsApp, it is not a question of sending the media in version “native“, but the recipient will still benefit from less compression, better resolution, for a rendering that is much more pleasing and precise to the eye.

Obviously, as the app indicates when you first activate the feature, HD media uses more storage space. storage, and it may take longer to send them.

We explain how to (finally!) send your photos in HD on Messenger

© Meta

Note that Messenger will also allow you to exchange documents with your contacts. This can take the form of a Word document, a PDF or an Excel (and other formats), with a limit set here at 100 MB.

Unlike HD photos, this function is not yet integrated into the latest update, and you will therefore have to wait a little longer.

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