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Heat 2: Michael Mann talks about the sequel to the legendary film

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Last October, Heat fans learned some excellent news. A sequel to the first part is in fact planned and Michael Mann is in charge of it. The latter will be inspired by the novel released by the filmmaker in collaboration with Meg Gardiner.

We have had no news since, but the director spoke again at the occasion of an interview given to France Culture. He confirmed that this feature film had already entered its pre-production phase and he specified that it will be “very clearly” his next film.

What's it going to be about ?

To understand the synopsis of this feature film, we can refer to a summary of the novel already published:

This new story leads up to and beyond the events of the film, with new characters on both sides of the law, new high-flying heists, and breathtaking cinematic action sequences. From the streets of Los Angeles to the sanctuary of rival Taiwanese crime syndicates in Paraguay, to a massive drug cartel money laundering operation just across the border in Mexico, Heat 2 sheds light on the dangerous workings of international criminal organizations and the agents who pursue them, while painting a comprehensive portrait of the men and women who inhabit these two worlds.

What casting for Heat 2 ?

This is still speculation which have not yet been officially confirmed. However, we know that Michael Mann himself would like to recruit Adam Driver, whom he directed on the film Ferrari. He could play Neil McCauley, the gangster character played by Robert De Niro in the first part. A persistent rumor also cites the name of Timothée Chalamet. A choice that would look good as the latter gains momentum following his roles in Wonka and Dune.

We will of course wait to learn more about this project before declaring victory, but the ambition is there. What do you think of this initiative which is now well advanced? Tell us in the comments.

What to remember:

  • Michael Mann has confirmed that Heat 2 has entered its pre-production phase and will be of his next film
  • This sequel already has his story proposed in a recent novel
  • The names of Adam Driver and Timothée Chalamet are mentioned in the casting without confirmation to date

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