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We tested the Logitech Signature Slim: the perfect keyboard for teleworkers

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The undisputed leader in office accessories, Logitech continues to appeal to productivity enthusiasts. Its new target: teleworkers. With the Covid crisis and successive confinements, teleworkers have taken a liking to improving their workspace.

Although we have since returned to normal life, the transformations in companies have persisted. Also, teleworking has become widely democratized. Teleworkers therefore continue to seek better equipment.

Logitech is therefore continuing to develop products adapted to these users. After the excellent Wave Keys, an affordable ergonomic keyboard, , the manufacturer is launching the Signature Slim, a keyboard with a refined design and multiple functionalities. It promises to improve the productivity of teleworkers by adapting to their needs. All for an affordable price of 90 euros.

Fine, elegant, comfortable

We tested the Logitech Signature Slim: the perfect keyboard for teleworkers

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Available in two colors, graphite or white, the new Signature Slim is distinguished first of all by its minimalist design. Its clean lines, its finesse and the shape of the keys give a touch of elegance to the workspace.

To design this keyboard, Logitech focused on respecting the environment. Thus, the plastic parts are partly made from recycled materials. The graphite model is made up of 62%, the white of 48% (61% and 25% for the mouse). Logitech explains that it wants to use recycled materials as much as possible and promises to further improve its future products in this direction. Including act.

The Signature Slim is also and above all a very comfortable keyboard. The concave shape of the keys, inherited from the MX range (the top of the range from Logitech), allows for fast and enjoyable typing. The scissor mechanism allows you to work silently.

Accustomed to the MX Keys, we did not shy away from our pleasure by switching to the Signature Slim. In our opinion, there's no point breaking the bank on a premium keyboard if you're not going to log hours of writing every day. The Slim is more than sufficient and meets the versatility requirements of teleworkers.

Shortcuts and Smart Actions

We tested the Logitech Signature Slim: the perfect keyboard for teleworkers

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Not content with offering a good typing experience, Logitech integrates into its Signature Slim features inherited from its premium models. We find & #8217;first Easy Switch, a series of three keys allowing you to switch from one device to another with a simple gesture. Perfect for those using a computer, a tablet and a phone at the same time, for example. Logi Flow technology, also present, allows you to switch from a Windows machine to a Mac.

The Signature Slim also includes a line of shortcuts including, for example, a search button, quick access to the calculator or even a screenshot key. So many little extras that make everyday use easier.

We tested the Logitech Signature Slim: the perfect keyboard for teleworkers

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Finally, Logitech worked on the software aspect by accompanying its new keyboard with Smart Actions. Available in the app Options+, these Smart Actions allow you to configure complex shortcuts. By pressing a key, a complete work scenario can be started. For example: Spotify turns on, do not disturb mode activates, writing software opens in full screen, other windows close.

If the idea of ​​these intelligent actions is rather good, their daily interest is diluted over time. Configuring scenarios takes time and is therefore not necessarily interesting in terms of productivity. To make things simpler, Logitech therefore offers pre-recorded scenarios corresponding to the most common uses. Well seen but not yet enough to make Smart Actions essential.

Our opinion on the Logitech Signature Slim

With the Signature Slim, Logitech once again establishes its authority in the office accessories market. Its keyboard designed for the productivity of teleworkers is as elegant as it is efficient.

Logitech had the good idea to use technologies usually integrated into its premium keyboards, sold much more expensively. For 80 euros, difficult if not impossible to find such a complete keyboard. An essential for teleworkers.

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