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Heating: does turning down your radiators really save electricity ?

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The energy pricessoared throughout last year (+5.6% between December 2022 and December 2023) and even picked up again at the end of 2023. The question of 8217;energy efficiency is more relevant than ever; from an ecological point of view (heating, even with gas, is far from being ecological) but also from an economic point of view. Saving a little on your energy bill without sacrificing your comfort is possible and in this context, we are very often told about lowering the temperature of your interior. An effective strategy, but not to be used n’no matter how.

Optimize your heating consumption

According to a report from ADEME, by lowering the ambient temperature of your home ;a degree, it is possible to save up to 7%on his bill. Be careful though, this method is not a magic wand and will depend on a number of factors: type of heating (electricity, gas, etc.) and quality of the heating. insulation of housing mainly. A well-insulated home will require less heating, logically.

If you are equipped with electric radiators, turning them off at night is a good idea. Conversely, for heaters running on oil or gas, it is preferable not to do so. In fact, their optimal performance is achieved when they operate continuously. Instead of completely turning off the heating, it is better to turn it down to avoid dips in use.

Additional gestures not to be ignored

As there is more to life than just technology, very simple and sometimes forgotten gestures can make a difference. Yes, the heating is great and being cold in your room is unbearable. Why not opt ​​instead for a very thick duvet ? A profitable and lasting investment.

It is also possible to equip your rooms with thermal curtains specially designed to prevent heat loss, the main enemy of your wallet. Not necessarily more expensive than classic curtains, they will more than compensate for the drop in ambient temperature.

A very simple tip, which we still start to know: maintain temperatures different depending on the rooms. 19°C is more than sufficient in living rooms, and you can aim for 17°C, or even 16°C in bedrooms. In fact, you don't need more to sleep better. The perfect range for quality sleep is between 16°C and 18°C.

The human body is a formidable machine: when falling asleep, the hypothalamus acts as a thermostat and lowers our body temperature. This thermoregulation process is therefore facilitated if your environment is cooler.

Yes, turning down the radiators will help you will save energy, whether it is electric or from natural gas. However, these savings are also based on good quality insulation in your home and will be optimized by adopting conscious consumption and a few very simple actions to implement.

  • Lowering the heating in your home by one degree can reduce your energy bill by 7% according to ADEME.
  • This remains an average, and the result depends on other factors such as insulation and type of heating.
  • To make real savings, adopting complementary actions to lowering heating is also important

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