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Here are the good tips for managing your old VHS tapes, CDs and DVDs

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In a world where streaming platforms like Netflix or Prime Video now reign supreme, VHS tapes (for Video Home System) and DVDs seem to belong to a bygone era. Once at the heart of our living rooms, these entertainment media have been relegated to the status of relics of an analog past. Dedicated readers are becoming rare and the question arises: what to do with these objects that have become obsolete?

The answer is not unique and varies according to each person’s needs and values. For some, online resale sites like Le Bon Coin offer an opportunity to part with these items for a few euros, while others prefer to give them to associations, friends or family members who could find them a new one. utility. Sometimes, these VHS tapes can also be real treasures that fetch thousands of euros at auction.

Recycle, keep or resell

Recycling your audio and video cassettes is a possible option but it requires a specific approach: it is not possible to put them in your traditional household waste bin. It is imperative to disassemble the cassette to remove the magnetic tape which must be treated separately due to its non-recyclable metallic composition. The rest, mainly the plastic casing, can be thrown into regular household waste. We still advise you to contact local authorities (or recycling centers) to find out the exact procedures to follow.

For those who want to keep contents without plastic containers, digitization presents itself as a practical solution. Professionals offer to convert old cassettes, DVDs and CDs into digital files saved on more contemporary media such as USB keys, hard drives or even in the cloud (see our guide to the best clouds) to last over time.< /p>

Finally, the potential value of these items for collectors and vintage enthusiasts should not be underestimated. Cassettes and CDs in good condition can find buyers at flea markets, garage sales or from organizations like Emmaüs. Some rare or special editions can even fetch considerable sums, like this VHS tape of Back to the Future which dates from 1986 and which sold to a New York collector for $75,000 in 2022.

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