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Jeff Bezos reveals the key to Amazon's success (and it's not a pretty sight)

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Amazon is one of the world's largest companies: from e-commerce to the cloud through AI, the world of entertainment (Twitch, Prime Video), the company created by Jeff Bezos is a true tech giant. How was this success possible ? The entrepreneur provided part of the answer in an interview with CNET ago 25 years old.

“Waking up every morning in a sweat”

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This interview was somewhat forgotten, but Fortune brought it back to the taste of day. Jeff Bezos explains his management strategy and what he believes allows his company to do better than the competition. First of all, he believes that his employees are “the hardest-working, most talented, most passionate and most customer-oriented”.

And the billionaire added a rather astonishing formula: “I asked everyone here to wake up, all terrified in the mornings, the sheets soaked in sweat”. According to him, employees should not sweat for fear of competition “but of our customers, because it is with them that we maintain relationships. They are the ones who pay us”.

This attention to customers is based on a fear of abandonment as the entrepreneur explained: “I believe that our customers are loyal until someone else offers them better service”.

The fact remains that this requirement seems to have a cost for employees, as our colleagues point out. Working conditions within the company have been singled out several times. For example, in July 2022, the U.S. Department of Labor and federal prosecutors in New York launched an investigation into workplace safety and “injuries resulting from workplace hazards, pace of work, and whether Amazon appropriately reported injuries that occurred in this space”.

There has also been criticism that Amazon management opposes the creation of unions in the United States. Often blamed, the Tech giant has constantly denied it outright. In March 2023, a spokesperson for the firm responded to an investigation by the Guardian:

We take the safety and health of our employees very seriously, and we do not believe the government's allegations reflect the reality of safety at our sites. We've demonstrated (…) how we work to mitigate risk and keep our employees safe, and our publicly available data shows we've reduced U.S. accident rates by nearly by 15% between 2019 and 2021. There will always be more to do, and we will continue to work to improve every day.

We invite you to reread our old article which goes into more detail on this subject.

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