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Here is the list of AirTag competitors for Android

Chipolo is one of the brands that have adopted Android's new location network. © Chipolo

Announced in 2023, the equivalent of Apple's Find network is finally available on Android. Unlike the old device for locating lost devices, the new Find My Device on Android can work even when the smartphone or tablet to be located is offline. In fact, to transmit its location, the lost device does not rely on the internet connection, but emits a signal which can be picked up by other Android devices (other users). This signal is then sent to Google, which can give a geolocation to the owner of the lost device.

Currently, the new location system is being deployed on Android smartphones and tablets, starting in the United States and Canada. And, starting in May, this location network on Android will also support Bluetooth tags that work just like Apple's AirTags. And, on a page of its website, Google has just published the list of products that will be compatible.

Finally, alternatives to the AirTag on Android  ?

The Bluetooth beacons that can be located with the Android network are:

  • Chipolo One Point
  • Chipolo One Card
  • Pebblebee Clip
  • Pebblebee Card
  • Pebblebee Tag

The following tags will also be compatible, when available:

  • Eufy Smart Track Link for Android
  • Eufy Smart Tag Card for Android
  • JioTag Go

Obviously, we expect this list to grow gradually. It is also important to remember that the list published by Google only includes Bluetooth beacons that work with its Find My Device network. However, there are other products that are compatible with Android, but use other networks or other mechanisms. For example, Samsung already offers competitors to AirTags which rely on a network formed solely by its smartphones (via the SmartThings platform).

Headphones and earphones will be able to also be located

Otherwise, like Apple's Find My network, Android's solution can help users find lost Bluetooth headsets or earphones. However, as of today, the list of compatible models only includes the JBL Tour Pro 2, JBL, Tour One M2 and Sony WH-1000XM5. But here too, we expect the list to grow in the coming months. Moreover, it is very likely that among the devices that will be compatible, there will be the Google Pixel wireless headphones.

    < li>Google has finally launched its equivalent of Apple's Find My network on Android
  • For the moment, this network can only locate smartphones and lost Android tablets
  • But this one will also support Bluetooth beacons and Google has just published the list of compatible beacons
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