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New cold snap in France, we lose 10 degrees and snow arrives in these departments

“New cold snap in France, we lose 10 degrees and snow is arriving in these departments”

France faces à a drop in temperatures this Tuesday, April 9 with 10 degrees less compared to previous days. A drop in mercury amplified by gusts of wind or the return of snow depending on the location.

Cold snap in France. While meteorological spring is supposed to take place settling down in the country, the good weather is far from being good. On the contrary, it is even a cold wind that reigns over France this Tuesday, April 9 with a considerable drop in temperatures. : 10°C less on average warns forecasters of the Weather Channel.

This drop in mercury coupled with the passage of storm Pierrick and its significant winds, even violent in places, make the feeling even colder. Even more so after the temperatures above 20°C experienced in recent days. Another sign that the air is getting colder this Tuesday: the snow is back in the mountains from 1,100 to 1,300 m ;beings in the Vosges, the northern Alps, the Massif Central and the Pyrenees.

Result of all these meteorological phenomena: the average temperature is at ; 10.8°C according to Weather Channel and the maximums are struggling to reach rise around 13°C.

In the north-western quarter which extends from Brittany to Haut-de-France via Normandy, the mercury fluctuates between 7 and 9 deg;C for minimums and 11 à 13°C for maximum. But faced with the violent winds which blow on the coasts and even inland under the effect of the storm Pierrick which escapes through the North Sea, the feeling is likely to be much colder. If the are "far from being exceptional for the Channel coast" they still go up to the bottom. "110 à 120 km/h on capes and exposed islands reports the specialist media. Same observation on the coast of Pas-de-Calais according to Météo France. However, the gusts and wind should drop a notch in the afternoon.

The wind blows significantly less on the eastern façade, but in the Grand Est regions and up to the southern regions, the wind blows significantly less. Mediterranean regions as well as in the Pyrenees it is the arrival of snow in the lower altitudes which freshens the air , despite clearings. The minimums can go down to as low as 100%. 5°C, but the maximums are also well away from the average with 18°C at best. The Atlantic facade is spared both by snow and violent winds despite the weather. some breezes and must do with 7°C at the lowest, between 12 and 18°C at the highest.

But rest assured, this cold snap must only be temporary since the weather agencies are announcing the return of good weather and temperatures closer to seasonal norms and even beyond in the second half week. From Wednesday, the sun should dominate most of the weather. of the country and &agrav; starting from Thursday, Wednesday should be around 15,à 18°C in the middle north and up to 25° in half south. It should even be even hotter this weekend with summer temperatures forecast.

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