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Here is the new idea of ​​Gmail to lighten your daily life

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Generative artificial intelligence can answer complex questions, analyze documents or even help you find inspiration. But when combined with existing tools, it can help you boost your productivity even more. For example, Google is already working on integrating this technology into its various productivity tools. And among the features that have already been revealed (currently being tested with English), there is “Help me write”, a writing assistance tool.

This feature is already tested on Gmail and allows users to enter a “prompt” (like on ChatGPT) to obtain a draft email. The idea is that thanks to this draft generated by AI, the user saves time, since he will only have to make a few corrections, and add important information, instead of writing everything. But Google wants to go even further by offering a voice interface that will be quickly accessible.

In a recently published article, the TheSpAndroid site indicates that it was able to activate a feature under development which allows you to directly dictate the “prompts” for the “Help me write” functionality, instead of typing on a keyboard. This new feature would have been discovered on the Android version of the Gmail application. And if it is already possible to dictate text (including prompts) by pressing the microphone of the Gboard keyboard, the modification discovered by TheSpAndroid would save even more time.

Google is gradually moving forward

Unfortunately, the Help me write feature is still only available for English-speaking users. It is not available in all countries and must be activated from a Workspace Labs portal to be available on Gmail. In other words, although this feature has enormous potential to improve the daily lives of Gmail users, Google prefers to move slowly but surely.

But in any case, Google is fully in the AI ​​race. As a reminder, it has already launched its Bard chatbot, which is a direct competitor to ChatGPT. Bard is already available worldwide and supports French. And Google plans to integrate this AI on Android smartphones alongside Google Assistant. Otherwise, at the end of 2023, Google also lifted the veil on a new model called Gemini, which can compete with OpenAI's most recent model, GPT-4. And this year, the firm should launch the most advanced version of this model (but it may be chargeable).

  • Google is already testing the integration of generative AI into Gmail, to help users send and respond to emails faster
  • Recently, an important improvement was discovered: it allows prompts to be dictated instead of writing them, which saves even more time
  • But for the moment, this writing assistance feature is still only available in English

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