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Here is the unusual story of the invention of Facebook “Poke”

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Facebook Poke is one of the oldest features on the social network. And if it never really disappeared, it recently made a comeback, thanks to some changes that Facebook made to its social network. But if the way you can use the Poke is unusual, the origin of this functionality is even more unusual. Indeed, the idea would have come to Mark Zuckerberg while he was drunk.

This has just been recalled by an article from Business Insider which relays a report from CBS Sunday Morning dating from 2005. It is a report on young tech founders such as the creator of Mozilla Firefox, a young woman who created a site specializing in information on cameras, or Mark Zuckerberg.

In the interview, the creator of Facebook presents his website and talks about the Poke functionality. And, in this part, he reveals that the idea came to him while he was drunk. In any case, the feature quickly became popular among users who can send Poke to let someone know that they are being thought of, while others use it to flirt on the social network. In any case, Facebook has never really indicated what the meaning of sending a Poke is. Moreover, in his 2005 interview, the young Mark Zuckerberg declared: “[…] people really like to punch each other for a reason that I don't think anyone can really explain”.

Poke is back in 2024

As mentioned above, Facebook's Poke feature never disappeared. However, as the social network grew in functionality, Poke took a back seat and ended up buried in the less visible parts of the interface. But, this year, Facebook did an experiment, giving a little more visibility to its old functionality.

And the result of this experiment was astonishing, since the number of Poke sent suddenly spiked. In March, Facebook reported that after making Poke a little more visible, the number of Poke sent increased 13-fold. And the feature was even used by younger users, who weren't yet on it. Facebook when it was popular.

Indeed, 50% of new Poke sent after the changes that Facebook made to its interface were sent by young people from 19 to 29 years old.

  • Poke is one of Facebook's oldest features
  • In a recent article, Business Insider relays an interview with Mark Zuckerberg who, in 2005, revealed that he had the idea for this feature while he was drunk
  • In 2024, Poke is making a comeback, thanks to changes that have made this old feature more visible

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