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Samsung reveals what everyone has been waiting for since January

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Remember: last January, the Samsung Galaxy S24 family was announced by its manufacturer with many new features powered by artificial intelligence. Among these, we can notably cite the case of a transcription assistant and an intelligent note-taking aid. And if these features were until now reserved, precisely, for these mobiles and a handful of others, it turns out that new devices will be entitled to them. ;#8217;soon. The information was confirmed directly by Samsung, a sign that the case here is more than solid.

Among the other cell phones that are eligible for Galaxy AI, we now find the Samsung Galaxy S24, the Samsung Galaxy S24+, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, the Samsung Galaxy S23, the Samsung Galaxy S23+, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra , the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5. A series of tablets is also entitled to these assets: this is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 collection.

What new devices are compatible with Galaxy AI ?

New devices compatible with The Galaxy AI offer is as follows:

  • the Samsung Galaxy S22
  • the Samsung Galaxy S22+
  • the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4
  • the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4
  • the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 tablet
  • the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra tablet

For the moment, we do not know if the Samsung Galaxy S21 will also be entitled to all the features of Galaxy AI, even if some – in limited quantity – are already deployed on these devices.

Competition on a war footing

Samsung n’ is not the only smartphone manufacturer to have tackled AI apps dedicated to the general public. Alphabet, designer of the Google Pixel range, offers its own alternative to ChatGPT: Gemini. New name for Bard, this solution could also power new features with artificial intelligence offered by Apple.

For the Apple firm, the upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference would be an opportunity to unveil iOS 18, which would give pride of place to these changes, some of which are also expected to arrive on macOS. Among the additions in question, we suppose that Keynote and Pages could notably benefit from generative AI.

  • Galaxy AI is a range of features with artificial intelligence, available on Samsung devices
  • The Galaxy S22, Z Fold 4, Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Tab S8 collections are now compatible
  • Previously, only the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S23 and Tab S9 were eligible

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