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Here's how much you'll have to pay to use Windows 10 after 2025

Microsoft is encouraging Windows users to upgrade to Windows 11. But the problem is that many machines are incompatible with this version of the OS. © Lemon squeezer

Windows 10, it's almost over. Indeed, while trying to encourage users to migrate to Windows 11, Microsoft has already scheduled the end of support for Windows 10 for the month of October 2025. After this deadline, Microsoft will no longer provide updates security update for Windows 10, which will make using this operating system unsafe. However, as it has done in the past, Microsoft will offer companies that still have Windows 10 machines after October 2025 the option to pay to continue receiving security updates for a period of time while the transition is finalized. to Windows 11.

L’support extension will be expensive

Using Windows 10 safely, after its end of support date, will be expensive. After announcing the Windows 10 Support Extension Program in 2023, Microsoft has just revealed its prices. For one year of support, Microsoft will sell its license at $61 per machine. In addition, this rate will double each year, for a maximum of three years. Companies will nevertheless be able to benefit from a 25% reduction if they opt to deploy the update extension via the cloud. And the support extension license will be offered to businesses that opt ​​for Windows 365 (access to Windows 11 via the cloud) to continue operating older machines running Windows 10.

It is important to clarify that Microsoft's announcement only concerns commercial organizations. And we do not know if the firm plans other prices for individuals. In any case, Microsoft's support extension really does not encourage continuing to use Windows 10 after October 2025. Indeed, this support extension is only offered to give more time to companies that are behind on their migrations to Windows 11.

Hundreds of millions of PCs will lose Microsoft support

In any case, the end of support for Windows 10 will have a significant impact on the computer market. Indeed, as Windows 11 is very demanding in terms of characteristics, many machines which currently use Windows 10 will not be able to be updated to Windows 11. At the end of December 2023, the company Canalys predicted that the end of Windows 10 support could turn more than 240 million PCs into electronic waste.

However, owners of Windows 10 machines will be able to turn to free operating systems , to continue using the same PC, while receiving updates. And among these alternatives, there is Chrome OS Flex, a lightweight operating system that Google designed to extend the lifespan of old PCs.

  • Microsoft plans to end support for Windows 10 in October 2025
  • After this date, the OS will no longer receive updates up to date and will therefore become dangerous
  • For businesses that are behind on migrating to Windows 11, Microsoft is nevertheless offering an Extended Support Program that will cost $61 per machine for one year
  • Then, the price will double each year, for a maximum of three years
  • It will nevertheless be possible, for a company, to receive the Windows 10 support extension using Windows 365: the cloud version of Windows 11

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