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Samsung is already preparing the next AI revolution for its smartphones

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While Apple's new developments in artificial intelligence are still awaited, Samsung is already fully committed to this technology. At the start of the year, the Korean manufacturer presented the new Galaxy S24 series which benefits from a set of features, called Galaxy AI, which relies on AI. And for the moment, everything suggests that these features have convinced the general public. Indeed, the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus and Galaxy S24 Ultra are selling so well that they could allow Samsung to regain its leadership position in the smartphone market.

At the same time, Samsung is already preparing a new wave of improvements, still focusing on recent developments in AI, for its products. After launching Galaxy AI on the Galaxy S24 series, the manufacturer is now working on an improved version of its Bixby assistant, based on technologies similar to that of ChatGPT. As a reminder, Bixby is an assistant similar to that of Google, which can be used on Galaxy smartphones, and other products from the manufacturer.

“With the emergence of generative AI and LLM (large language model) technology, I think we need to redefine the role of Bixby, so that Bixby can be equipped with… #8217;generative AI and becoming smarter in the future”, said Won-joon Choi, executive vice president of Samsung's mobile business, in an interview with CNBC. Samsung engineers are said to be working “hard” on this project. And the goal would be to make Bixby smarter and able to have more natural discussions with users, thanks to generative AI.

Shadowing Google Assistant and Siri?

According to an article from Sammobile, Samsung recently gave more details about the improvements underway for Bixby, during the presentation of its new range of household appliances products. In essence, according to the news site, Bixby will allow the user to have more natural discussions. For example, it would be possible to make requests like: “turn the air conditioning on to Wind Free mode and let me know what the weather is like.”

And if after a first request, such as “turn off the air purifier”, the user remembers that he also wants to turn off the television, the assistant would be able to understand that he must perform both tasks at the same time, despite the pause time of a few seconds. Finally, the assistant would be able to understand more implicit requests. For example, if it indicates that the room is too humid, the assistant would be able to deduce that he must adjust the humidifier.

But , for the moment, we do not know when the new version of Bixby powered by generative AI will be available. It is just important to remember that Samsung has already developed an equivalent of ChatGPT which it currently uses internally.

  • Samsung was able to boost its smartphone sales thanks to the artificial intelligence-based features that are present on the Galaxy S24
  • series. Now, Samsung is working on improving its assistant Bixby, relying on generative AI
  • The objective would be to make this assistant more intelligent and allow users to have more conversations natural with this one

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