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Here's the Secret Trick to Speed ​​Up Google Chrome Loads

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In recent years, Google has continued to improve the performance of its browser, so that it can access web pages faster, while reducing the consumption of RAM memory and data. 'energy. However, if you're still not happy with the page loading speed on the browser, there is a setting you can change that can potentially improve things.

How to enable page preloading on Chrome?

This parameter is the preloading of pages. In essence, Google Chrome has a feature that will try to guess which web pages you're going to open, and load those pages before you even go there. To control this feature you need:

  • Go to Google Chrome Settings
  • Open the Performance section
  • And look for the “Preload pages” part

Here's the Secret Trick to Speed ​​Up Google Chrome Loads

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According to Google, enabling preloading will speed up the navigation. Additionally, Chrome lets you choose between standard preloading and advanced preloading.

“Browsing and searching are faster than standard preloading. Chrome preloads more pages you might be interested in so they load faster when you view them”, explains Google, in Chrome settings, about advanced preloading. So if you want to optimize Chrome for browsing speed, this is the option to go for.

Other ways to speed up Google Chrome

As mentioned above, Google has already made numerous changes to make its browser faster and less resource intensive. But if you still feel some slowness, you can also try getting rid of the most demanding tabs. To do this, simply place your mouse cursor above the tabs, in the tab bar, to find out how much memory is consumed by each tab (and close the tabs that are too greedy).< /p>

  • Google Chrome has many features that improve performance
  • And among these, there is the preloading of web pages that you are likely to visit
  • By activating the most advanced option of this feature, you can increase the speed of the browser
  • Alternatively, you can also easily get rid of the tabs that use the browser's resources the most

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