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Privacy: Mozilla launches a revolutionary shield to protect your data

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The Mozilla Foundation has always made the protection of user privacy its main concern. And it has just launched a new product called Monitor Plus which presents itself as a powerful shield against the exploitation of users' personal data on the internet. Monitor Plus is an extension of the free Mozilla Monitor service that notifies the user when their data appears in data leaks.

Monitor Plus is paid, costing $8.99 per month or $107.88 per year. In return for this subscription, the user benefits from monitoring of personal data broker sites. If user information is identified on these sites, Mozilla will remove that information on the user's behalf.

“This may include information such as your name, current and previous home addresses, and telephone numbers. It could also go further with information such as the names of family members, criminal history, your children's school district, and even your hobbies” , the post reads. Mozilla site.

Mozilla takes care of everything

The advantage of this service is that it allows the user to protect themselves against the sale of personal data, without having to do anything. Indeed, once Mozilla receives the necessary information, Monitor Plus takes care of everything (including data deletion requests) for it. And while similar services already exist, Mozilla says its monitoring is done on more than 190 data broker sites, which is twice as many as what's offered by the competition.

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On the other hand, Monitor Plus is not yet available in France, since Mozilla has decided to only launch this new subscription in the United States, for the moment. Otherwise, with this new offer, the foundation could continue to diversify its sources of income, while continuing its mission of protecting privacy.

“When we started Monitor, our goal was to help people discover where their personal information may have been exposed. Now, with Monitor Plus, we'll help people recover their data exposed on data brokerage sites that are trying to sell it,” said Tony Amaral-Cinotto, Mozilla Monitor product manager. at Mozilla. “Our long-standing commitment to putting people's needs first and our simple, step-by-step process make Monitor Plus unique.”

  • With Monitor, Mozilla already offers free protection in the event of data leaks on the internet
  • It has just presented Monitor Plus, a subscription which prevents the sale of personal data by brokers
  • Monitor Plus stands out from similar services by supporting twice as many broker sites
  • Subscription costs $8.99 per month or $107.88 per year
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